Friday, January 13, 2012

Woman Messy Yard

Woman Messy Yard

Woman jailed after failing to pay fine for messy yard

A messy yard led to a woman's arrest, after police say she failed to pay a court ordered fine.

Linda Ruggles was cited for a Clean Lot Violation in December 2010, for what Ruggles says was a messy yard and loose shingles on her roof. According to a police report, she was found guilty in September of last year and given a sentence of 10 days in jail or a $480 fine.

"I don't have $480. I didn't then. I still don't. I just got the house out of foreclosure. It took everything I could do. I sold my jewelry. I sold my car. I sold my silverware. I sold anything I could sell…and I got my job out of foreclosure," Ruggles said.

Since the fine was issued, police say they attempted to collect the fine several times and say they offered to refer Ruggles to someone who could help her with her financial troubles. A police report states Ruggles "wasn't interested."

Ruggles denies those claims and says she believes jail time was extreme. The police report also said Ruggles threatened to be defiant if she were to be arrested, which is why police say they videotaped her arrest.

A day after serving six days in jail, Ruggles was home. She was cleaning up her yard with some help.

One of the freelance photographer's clients, Corey Ireland, saw the news of her arrest and decided to lend a hand.

"I was just absolutely astonished and I'm a business owner myself and I have all the equipment and I figured at least I can come by and contribute and give back to the community," Ireland said.