Monday, December 12, 2011

Meryl Streep Vassar’s 150 Years Cover

Meryl Streep Vassar’s 150 Years Cover

Sure, Meryl Streep on the cover of Vogue for the January 2012 issue may not be such breaking news as Lindsay Lohan and her leaked Playboy cover where she wears, well, nothing.

But the prospect of seeing arguable America's leading leading actress in such a prominent position makes some people really excited. meryl streep lands first vogue cover,
Not only that, meryl streep Vassar’s 150 Years cover, but in contrast to her younger thespian counterpart, Meryl Streep turns up looking like the lady she has always been for her casual (and, of course, clothed) Vogue debut. meryl streep lands first vogue cover,

The Academy Award-winning star of so many iconic roles--including an Anna Wintour-type character in a send-up of the Vogue editor-in-chief in The Devil Wears Prada, as well as her current turn in The Iron Lady, a biopic about Britain's Margaret Thatcher--looks quite comfortable in her new position. meryl streep Vassar’s 150 Years cover,

In fact, in the picture pictured on the cover, vogue 2011 covers, Meryl Streep sits on the sand in front of the ocean, her belted shirt dress unbuttoned to the bosom, but in a very classy way. The smirk on her face is classic Streep, making one wonder what she is thinking even if her mind is, indeed, blank (which is probably as far from the truth as can be given this Yale graduates brainy persona). vogue official site,

That said, and after running through the archives of Vogue, a search showed that Meryl Streep has never, ever been on the cover of the US version of this publication, although the acclaimed actress did appear on Vogue Paris for the May 2010 cover along with film colleague Penelope Cruz.

So, in this inaugural event where she sits solo, peering out from the newsstands with a eye toward drawing in hopefully droves of purchases for this storied magazine, one realizes something very relevant that has nothing whatsoever to do with Streep. That is that readers actually like to look at this particular glossy in the flesh while holding the actual pages in their hot little hands. vogue 2011 covers,

And as they do, fans of the leading fashion magazine will realize that Meryl Streep is once again a winner, and possibly eyeing that ultimate prize of another Academy Award for her fresh Margaret Thatcher role. don gummer meryl streep,

So, with that being said, it's good luck to Meryl Streep, and thanks seeing us from that seminal cover of Vogue, a cover which will hopefully launch 2012 with a fresh start for a good year ahead, both for Streep as a yet-again accliamed actress and the magazine as a viable means of getting fashion news and such from an actual publication and not in a virtual world. meryl streep Vassar’s 150 Years cover,

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