Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gary Coleman + $1.3 million suit against parents

Gary Coleman + $1.3 million suit against parents, Coleman Wins Against Parents: Actor Gary Coleman was awarded nearly $1.3 million Tuesday in his suit against his parents, W.G. and Edmonia Sue Coleman, and trustee Anita DeThomas. State Superior Court Judge Hiroshi Fujiksaki found that Coleman's parents were wrongfully paid that amount in excessive commissions, salaries, fees and pension distributions from 1982-87, when all three were acting as Coleman's trustees.

After the judgment, Coleman, who filed suit in 1989, said: "I'm extremely pleased. . . . This suit has been an enormous burden to me over the past four years. I'm happy that it is at least behind me and I'm anxious to now redirect my attention to my career."