Thursday, October 6, 2011

Famous adoptees

Famous adoptees 
Punk-rock star Debbie Harry & the late tech icon Steve Jobs are among famous adoptees.

Steve Jobs
The former Apple CEO, who passed away Oct. 5, was adopted by a California couple, shortly after his birth in 1955. As an adult, Jobs found his biological parents and biological sister, a successful novelist. Paul and Clara Jobs, Steve Jobs + pancreatic cancer, steve jobs sister mona simpson,

Jobs is one of many famous people who were adopted. We look back at some of the notable adoptees. Abdulfattah John Jandali regrets adoption,
Gary Coleman
Coleman became famous for his TV role as an orphan taken in by a millionaire but was adopted in real life as well. Sue and Willie Coleman, Diff'rent Strokes, conrad bain,
Daunte Culpepper
This free agent quarterback was adopted by a Florida woman who gave 17 children a home. Emma Lewis Culpepper, Daunte Culpepper + Sacramento Mountain Lions,
Deborah Harry
A New Jersey couple adopted the baby girl who would become an iconic star of a 1970s punk rock group. Richard and Catherine Harry,
Scott Hamilton
Long before he was an Olympic gold medalist, Hamilton was an infant adoptee. Dorothy and Ernest Hamilton, Scott Hamilton + 1984 Olympic gold medal + figure skating,
Faith Hill
This country star was reared in what she has called a “very stable … God-fearing home” in Star, Miss. Pat and Edna Perry + Faith Hill, Audrey Faith Perry,
Art Linkletter
The veteran radio and TV host was adopted by a Canadian couple that later relocated him to California. Mary and Fulton Linkletter, Art Linkletter + “People Are Funny”,
Ray Liotta
A New Jersey couple took this soon-to-be wise guy actor into their home back in 1955. Mary and Alfred Liotta, Ray Liotta + When I was younger I felt like damaged goods,
Greg Louganis
This future Olympic gold medalist was born to unwed teen parents and adopted several months later. Peter and Frances Louganis, Greg Louganis + 1984 Olympic games + diving, Greg Louganis + SoCal Divers coach,
'DMC' Darryl McDaniels
Revered as one-third of a groundbreaking rap act, McDaniels was taken in by a Queens, NY, couple in the early ‘60s. Byford and Bannah McDaniels, Run-DMC, DMC: My Adoption Journey, Darryl McDaniels + National Adoption Conference, "Son of Byford",
Michael Oher
Oher, an NFL offensive tackle, suffered from neglect and homelessness before a Tennessee couple adopted him. Their story became a blockbuster movie, starring Sandra Bullock. Find the movie. Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy,
Edgar Allan Poe
Though they never formally adopted the literary giant, a Virginia couple did take Poe in after his mother died. John and Frances Allan, William Henry Leonard Poe,
Soon-Yi Previn
Previn was adopted from her native country and was raised in a large family of siblings. Her adoptive parents later divorced, and her famous mother raised her with an iconic movie director, whom Previn ultimately married and is still with today. Andre Previn and Mia Farrow,
Sarah McLachlan
American expatriates raised the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and her two adopted brothers (see where they lived). Jack and Dorice McLachlan, Stewart, Ian and Sarah McLachlan, Sarah McLachlan + "I'm glad she did it.",
Dave Thomas
Thomas, the lovable founder of Wendy’s, was adopted a few weeks after his birth in 1932. Rex and Auleva Thomas, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption,