Friday, September 2, 2011

Emma Watson in Lancome Ad

Emma Watson in Lancome Ad
Emma Watson in Lancome Ad. Emma Watson Is A 'Midnight Rose' In New Lancome Ad. A few months ago, we spotted (or, as we like to say, Spotted!) fashion icon Emma Watson tripping around Paris with photographer Mario Testino, looking very chic and glamorous as she shot her first advertisement for Lancôme. And today, we can finally see the fruits of her fashionable labor! It's a two-minute video for Trésor Midnight Rose perfume, and it is wild.

Like most perfume adverts, it's unclear at first just what we're seeing: There's a dude running along the Seine, a lot of ambient purplish light, and—of course—Emma herself, sporting sleek hair and deep red lipstick and walking around in super-sexy slow motion. But why? WHY?!

Soon, though, it all starts to make sense: In a flashback, we see Emma (wearing the stylish blazer-and-necktie combo that caught our attention in March) stepping into a bookstore, where she buys a paperback and makes eyes at the ladder-climbing cutie pie who works there...but then leaves, and leaves behind her adorable hat! Which, of course, Mr. Bookshop Sexypants picks up, carries with him for days, and then chases her through the darkened streets of purple Paris to return. And it's all very mysterious and romantic. And clearly, if we smelled like Emma Watson, we too could be enjoying a slightly supernatural hat-based romance with an attractive, literate Frenchman.

Source: mtv