Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tulisa teeth makeover

Tulisa teeth makeover
Tulisa teeth makeover. X Factor's Tulisa Spends £12,000 On New Teeth. N Dubz star and newest addition to the X Factor judging panel Tulisa Contostavlos has splashed out £12,000 for a new set of shiny pricey veneers.
With competition from other judge Kelly Rowland, the new teeth are all part of the reported £70,000 makeover to stop her looking 'chavvy and cheap'.

A source told The Sun: "Tulisa has not got bad teeth by any stretch of the imagination. She's hardly Austin Powers. She had a few probs when she was younger but nothing serious.''

They added: ''Since she became famous she has become aware they are not perfectly aligned, so she decided to pay for a bit of help. It didn't come cheap but she's determined she will look the part. She has been going through some serious dental surgery over the last couple of weeks to get them right."