Thursday, August 11, 2011

Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue
Animal Rescue. Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue was founded by Calgary dog behaviourist and trainer Rory O' Neill. Rory's initial focus was rescuing highly adoptable dogs and cats on death row in overcrowded animal shelters and homeless starving, freezing dogs and puppies from the nearby Stoney Nakota Reservation in the town of Morley near Calgary. Rory would train, vet, rehabilitate dogs inflicted by trauma, and place for adoption. 
Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue has since grown to also rescue chihuahua and small breed mixes from Mexico and overcrowded high-kill shelters in California and transport to Calgary and Vancouver for adoption. A rescued pet may also be pre-adopted and flown directly to any Canadian airport.After viewing a desperate situation on a T.V. episode of Cesar Millan on the Dog Whisperer crossing the California border with Animal Advocates into Tijuana (a very impoverished Mexican town), on a rescue mission to save some dogs in one of the pounds, Rory contacted the rescue group. Many potential adopters had been contacting Rory about adopting small dogs, however none were found roaming on the Reservation and often only a few in local animal shelters. Together with Animal Advocates Rory started coordinating a transport to save some of the dogs in the despicable Tijuana pound. Within a few months the first transport of six darling worried little chihuahuas and mixes flew from Los Angeles to Calgary for adoption. At this point Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue has now helped rescue over 250 of these little dogs that were all facing imminent death and place them into wonderful homes in Canada.

Pet overpopulation is a huge problem worldwide, and working together with Animal Advocates in California, we are devoted to saving as many dogs as possible from a life and death of misery. We focus on rescuing small dogs from the Tijuana Pound and other equally horrendous places known as The Dumping Ground and the Tijuana Motel where for years on end hoarders in Mexico have been collecting street dogs and and due to having no money, allow the dogs to starve to death. We are in the process of fundraising to build a temporary and safe sanctuary in TJ.

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