Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two-headed pig

Two-headed pig,  China is always in the list when it comes to weird things take in place. I've never seen two-headed animals similar to these. Lately, a two-headed pig has been born in a village in the Jianxi province, China. Unbelievable, the pig comes with 2 ears, a single eye as well as 2 snouts.

Corresponding to Michael Wagner, researcher at Michigan State University, it is the effect of an embryo breaking a pair of individual organisms, however the action to turn into twins didn't accomplish. The so-called 'axial bifurcation' has been researched in March 2013 as soon as a two-headed bull shark was identified.

    "Halfway through the process of forming twins, the embryo stops dividing."

The mutation happens throughout animals, as well as people, Michael Wagner added.

Apparently, this is not the very first two-headed pig born in China. Past report revealed a piglet born having two heads and three eyes in Zhaodun village in the province of Jiangsu.