Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kids of Famous Single Parents

Kids of Famous Single Parents, In honor of Single Parents Day on march 21, we've put together a list of children young and old raised by famous single parents. Click through to see whether you can guess these kids' famous moms or dads.

This teen’s famous father raised her on his own, all while building his own acting, singing and comedy career. He has enjoyed a multitude of successes, with both an Oscar win and a slew of Grammys under his belt.
Who is Corinne’s entertainer father? Jamie Foxx

Young Eyob’s mom, who became a first-time parent in 2011 when she adopted the little cutie from Ethiopia, stays busy singing and acting in a popular country music TV show "Nashville" TV. You may have first noticed her in acclaimed football series “Friday Night Lights.”
Who is Eyob’s TV star mom? Connie Britton

Gemma Rose 
This “Sex and the City” actress, who really got noticed on this 1990s show, adopted a daughter in 2011. After the adoption, she told a popular magazine People magazine, “Having this wish come true is even more gratifying than I ever had imagined.”
Who is Gemma’s actress mom? Kristin Davis

Story Henry’s mom, who starred in a classic Ben Affleck/Matt Damon flick, gave birth to her son (how much did he weigh? 9 pounds 12 ounces) in 2008. Although she has never revealed the father’s name, she did say he was a writer on this TV show The Riches.
Who is Henry’s actress mom? Minnie Driver

Krishna’s mother, host of a reality cooking show, is also a cookbook author and model. After some secrecy surrounding Krishna’s father, his identity was finally revealed.
Who is Krishna’s TV star mother? Padma Lakshmi

Emerson Rose
Emerson’s mom, now divorced from her father Jon Tenney, has been acting for decades but really made it big when she landed a starring role on “Desperate Housewives” in 2004.
Who is Emerson’s actress mom? Teri Hatcher, Teri Hatcher Cheerleader 49ers

Louis Bardo 
Adorable Louis has a very successful actress mom. You may have seen her first in this 1990s cult classic and more recently in “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.”
Who is Louis’ actress mother? Sandra Bullock

James and Henry 
James and Henry’s father, often described as an Irish bad boy, has played an active role in each of their lives, despite his busy film schedule (he's currently starring in this film Dead Man Down (2013)). He split from James’ mother and Henry’s mother shortly after each baby’s birth.
Who is James and Henry’s father? Colin Farrell

Michael and Daniel 
Michael and Daniel’s Irish father has been raising them solo ever since he became a widower following their mother’s tragic death in 2009. You might remember their father from “Schindler’s List” and “Love Actually,” among many more films.
Who is Michael and Daniel’s actor father? Liam Neeson

You might remember Milo’s mom, who split from his dad in 2008, from 1990s flicks “That Thing You Do!” and “Armageddon.” Being famous clearly runs in her family, as her dad is the lead singer of this rock band and her mom is model Bebe Buell.
Who is Milo’s famous mom? Liv Tyler

Eloise, Sam and Lola 
Their mom got famous in the late 1990s with films such as “Wild Things” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous” before having daughters Sam and Lola with her now ex-husband. She adopted little Eloise on her own in 2011.
Who is Eloise, Sam and Lola's famous mom? Denise Richards

Matilda’s actress mom got her start in the teen series “Dawson’s Creek” but quickly moved up the acting ranks to star in films such as “Brokeback Mountain” and “Blue Valentine." She became a single mom when Matilda’s father died in 2008.
Who is Matilda’s mom? Michelle Williams

Sean and Jayden 
James Sean and Jayden James’ superstar mom, divorced from their dad, has been in the spotlight since her early “Mickey Mouse Club” days. She recently wrapped up a season as a judge on this singing competition show.
Who is Sean and Jayden James’ pop-star mom? Britney Spears

Valentino and Matteo 
These adorable twin tots call a famous Puerto Rican "Dad." After getting his start in a boy band, their dad went on to have a very successful singing career with hits such as “Livin la Vida Loca” and “She Bangs.” A surrogate gave birth to the twins in August 2008.
Who is Valentino and Matteo's pop-star father? Ricky Martin

Levi and Wyatt 
Wyatt and Levi’s musician mama, singer of “My Favorite Mistake” and “All I Wanna Do” and the recipient of nine Grammy Awards, adopted both sons after relationships with this actor and this sports star ended.
Who is the boys' songstress mom? Sheryl Crow

William Atticus and Caroline 
Aberash William and Caroline’s TV actress mom, known for her roles on “Weeds” and “The West Wing," had William with this former boyfriend and adopted Caroline from Ethiopia.
Who is William and Caroline’s famous mom? Mary-Louise Parker

Zion and Zaire 
Zion and Zaire’s father, one of the top basketball players in the NBA (whom does he play for?), gained sole custody of the boys after his divorce from their mom.
Who is Zion and Zaire's sports-star dad? Dwyane Wade

Zoe Isabella 
Zoe’s rocker dad, whose hits include “American Woman” and “Fly Away”, has won four Grammy Awards. Although he divorced Zoe’s mom, an alum of “The Cosby Show,” in 1993, they shared custody for eight years until the rocker was reportedly awarded primary custody in 2001.
Who is Zoe Isabella’s rock-star father? Lenny Kravitz

Adorable Xander’s mama, who plays a sullen 1960s housewife on this hit AMC show, gave birth to him in 2011.
Who is Xander’s actress mom? January Jones

Jackson’s adoptive mom is an Oscar-winning actress known for her critically acclaimed role in the 2003 film “Monster.” More recently, you may have seen her in “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Prometheus.”
Who is Jackson’s actress mom? Charlize Theron

The father of this young’un hadn’t planned on a child but stepped up to his role as "dad" when a woman he was seeing became pregnant. The former Manchester United star is a busy guy, fitting in parenting with scoring goals on the club and national level.
Who is Cristiano’s sports star father? Cristiano Ronaldo

Duke and Dexter 
This longtime actress, who has starred in classic films such as “Sleeper” and “Annie Hall,” decided to adopt two kids when she was in her 50s.
Who is Duke and Dexter's actress mom? Annie Hall