Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Halle Berry dress on Leno

Halle Berry dress on Leno, He is used to looking most of his guests in the eye when he interviews them on his late night talk show.

But Jay Leno looked somewhat mesmerized by a provocatively dressed Halle Berry when she appeared on The Tonight Show on Monday evening.

The Catwoman star displayed wore a daring strapless LBD with a silver trim which drew the attention to her bustline as she sat opposite the 62-year-old.

Halle's strapless ensemble left the actress looking on the very edge of a wardrobe malfunction as she perched on Leno's sofa.

The silver-lined black frock also displayed a snippet of the actress's toned tummy with a small gap continuing down her torso.

And the revealing dress also had a high hemline, allowing Halle to show off her extremely long and toned legs.

Jay didn’t keep his thoughts to himself, and after saying that Halle’s Oscars gown was his favourite, the TV star added: ‘I like this dress better’.

Halle revealed the story behind her striking Academy Awards metallic dress, and the fact that she came very close to sporting something else when her frock almost didn’t arrive in time.

‘I had a conversation with Donatella Versace and told her that I really want to go to the Oscars as a Bond Girl, if a Bond Girl would go in 2013,’ Halle divulged.

‘So she came up with her idea of what it was, but she’s out of the country. She put it in a suitcase and shipped it here and I got it the day before the Oscars.

‘I had some other dress I was going to wear which was beautiful. But I pulled this out and it fit perfectly and I just thought “Wow”.’

Halle told Jay that she felt like she was ‘wearing a Ferrari’ and without missing a beat the host hit back: ‘I enjoy driving a Ferrari. Can you drive a stick shift, I’m curious?’

The 46-year-old also pointed out that fans won’t have seen any photographs from the evening of the Oscars in which she has her hands on her hips, because her arms were ‘stuck down’ due to the constricting nature of the dress.

Additionally, Halle confirmed during the interview that she will be reprising her role as Storm in the upcoming X Men: Days Of Future Past movie.

‘It’s a great role. And those residual cheques don’t hurt,’ she joked.

‘It’s a character I love and fans really love the whole series. They really love Storm. And it’s like family, you know, it’s fun to get back together with Hugh [Jackman] and everybody.’

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