Monday, April 2, 2012

This Month In History: April

This Month In History: April, This Day in History April, A slugger breaks a baseball record, a "king" rocks his blue suede shoes, a country singer belts her way to entertainer of the year, and a new pontiff leads his flock – all in April. Let's look at other key moments that occurred during April across time.
Jessica Lynch rescued
April 1
In 2003, American troops stormed a hospital in Nasiriyah, Iraq, to rescue Army Pvt. Lynch, who was a prisoner of war. Watch video of the rescue.
Lynch has since given birth to a daughter and received a teaching degree. See photos of her now.

What else happened on this day?
1945: American forces invaded a Pacific island during World War II.
1991: HBO and Viacom joined forces to form a cable TV network meant to tickle your funny bone.
Mobster John Gotti's convicted
April 2
In 1992, Gotti (Teflon Don john gotti) was convicted in New York of murder and racketeering. The mob boss died after serving about 10 years behind bars.
A new biopic will revisit the life of the dapper gangster. John Travolta John Gotti,
What else happened on this day?
1725: An author and adventurer, whose name symbolizes the art of seduction, was born. Giacomo Casanova
1968: A popular science-fiction movie made its world debut in the nation's capital. 2001: A Space Odyssey
MLK's 'mountaintop' speech, King says he's "been to the mountaintop"
April 3
In 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his final speech (video) to a rally of striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tenn. Martin Luther King Jr Mountaintop speech
Read the text of the speech. Martin Luther King Jr mountaintop speech text

What else happened on this day?
1882: A notorious outlaw was fatally shot by Robert Ford, a member of his gang. Jesse James Outlaw
1996: A man now known as the "Unabomber" was arrested on charges stemming from mail bombings. Remember his real name? Ted Kaczynski
2009: A Supreme Court in the Midwest legalized gay marriage. Iowa Supreme Court gay marriage
Blues great Muddy Waters is born, Bluesman Muddy Waters is born
April 4
In 1915, singer Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) was born in Rolling Fork, Miss. His swaggering, Delta-rooted blues defined the postwar Chicago music scene. Listen to his songs.
What else happened on this day?
1818: Congress stipulates the number of stars and stripes on the U.S. flag. Congress 1818 26 stripes 20 stars
1968: A civil rights leader Marking Luther King, Jr., was assassinated. Find out who killed him. James Earl Ray
Pocahontas weds, Pocahontas ties the knot
April 5
In 1614, Pocahontas married English settler John Rolfe in Jamestown, Va. But according to faulty folklore, the daughter of a Powhatan chief was romantically linked to another man. Pocahontas chief Powhatan,
Her story has been the subject of many films, including a Disney classic.
What else happened on this day?
1987: A new television network made its prime-time debut. Fox Broadcasting Company
2006: A TV journalist announced her departure from NBC's "Today" show. Katie Couric
Michael Jordan enters Hall of Fame
April 6
In 2009, the Chicago Bulls' Michael Jordan, considered basketball's greatest player ever, was elected to the Hall of Fame. See video clips of his best-ever dunks. Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls,
The basketball legend is now the majority owner of a basketball team,
What else happened on this day?
1830: A new religious denomination was organized by Joseph Smith in Fayette, N.Y. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1909: Two explorers became the first men to reach the North Pole. Robert Peary Matthew Henson
Elvis Presley's hit, Elvis Presley charts a big hit
April 7
In 1956, "Blue Suede Shoes" made its Billboard chart debut, one of five hit singles Elvis Presley released that year.
Check out his film roles and the famous women who swooned over the "King of Rock 'n' Roll."
What else happened on this day?
1915: The jazz singer nicknamed "Lady Day" is born. Billie Holiday
2001: A NASA spacecraft took off on a six-month, 286-million-mile journey to the red planet. Mars Odyssey
Hank Aaron crowned home run king
April 8
In 1974, slugger Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves hit his 715th career home run, breaking another Hall of Famer's record to become the new home run king.
Watch Aaron and others reminisce about his achievement.

What else happened on this day?
1975: An iconic mob movie wins the best picture Oscar. The Godfather: Part II
2002: The first African-American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize is announced. She won for her play "Topdog/Underdog." Who is she? Suzan Lori Parks
Robert E. Lee surrenders the South, General Lee surrenders the South
April 9
In 1865, the Confederate general surrendered his army in Virginia (Appomattox court house) to end the Civil War. See photos of the celebrated general. civil war reenactments
Although the war is long over, re-enactments continue to this day.
What else happened on this day?
1939: An American singer Marian Anderson performed (watch video) at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington after being banned from singing in Constitution Hall.

1959: NASA presented its first seven astronauts. Mercury Seven
'The Great Gatsby' is published
April 10
In 1925, the novel "The Great Gatsby," considered one of the greatest American novels of the 20th century, is published by a Minnesota-born novelist. F Scott Fitzgerald,
A new film adaption of the novel is expected to hit the silver screen, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The Great Gatsby 2012 movie
What else happened on this day?
1847: An influential 19th-century American newspaper editor and publisher, who later had a prominent award named after him, was born. Joseph Pulitzer
Napoleon's exile, Napoleon is sent into exile
April 11
In 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte – the military leader and emperor of France – was forced to abdicate and was banished to an island.
His conquests of Europe and his great love, Josephine, are legendary. Napoleon Conquest Europe, Napoleon and Josephine
What else happened on this day?
1945: Troops liberated a notorious German concentration camp. Liberation of Buchenwald
1991: A controversial musical about a doomed romance between a Vietnamese woman and an American soldier opened on Broadway. Miss Saigon
First man flies into space
April 12
In 1961, a Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to fly in space, orbiting the Earth once before making a safe landing.
Watch videos about Gagarin's mission. Yuri Gagarin first man in space

What else happened on this day?
1945: The president Franklin Delano Roosevelt who led America through the Great Depression and a world war dies.
1983: Chicago elects its first African-American mayor. Harold Washington
Tiger Woods makes Masters history
April 13
In 1997, Tiger Woods became the youngest person (how old?) to win the Masters Tournament. Watch videos of his triumph. Tiger Woods masters 1997

Since then, the golf phenom married Elin Nordegren and became a father, but a sex scandal caused him to fall from grace and get divorced. Elin Nordegren Woods, Tiger Woods scandal, Tiger Woods divorce settlement $110 million
What else happened on this day?
1743: The third president of the United States was born in Shadwell in the Virginia Colony. Thomas Jefferson
1964: The "Lilies of the Field" actor broke a color barrier among Hollywood leading men. Sidney Poitier
Abraham Lincoln is assassinated
April 14
In 1865, while attending a perfomance at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C., Lincoln was shot and mortally wounded. Lincoln Our American Cousin, John Wilkes Booth
The 16th president Lincoln Great Emancipator reportedly suffered bouts of this illness during his life.
What else happened on this day?
1910: A presidental pitch started a time-honored baseball tradition. William Howard Taft first pitch
2006: A Los Angeles Laker broke the team's single-season scoring record. Kobe Bryant scoring record Elgin Baylor
The Titanic sinks
April 15
In 1912, the British passenger liner Titanic sank in the North Atlantic, less than three hours after striking an iceberg. See how many people died. Titanic 1,500 deaths
Learn about the sequence of events surrounding the saga, which inspired an Oscar-winning movie.
What else happened on this day?
1947: The first African-American player to join a major league baseball team made history by joining the Brooklyn Dodgers. Who was the player? Jackie Robinson
A duke and duchess call it quits
April 16
In 1996, the Duke and Duchess of York, aka Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, announced they were divorcing. Watch a video of the couple in happier times.
Ferguson later became a diet plan spokeswoman and sank into scandal. Prince Andrew Sarah wedding

What else happened on this day?
1889: A British actor and director, who became famous for his role in American silent movies, was born. Charlie Chaplin
1789: The president-elect left Mount Vernon, Va., for his inauguration in New York. George Washington
Barry Bonds joins the 500 club, Barry Bonds joins the 500 club
April 17
In 2001, Barry Bonds left fielder hit his 500th career home run. Watch vidoes of his historic feat. barry bonds 500 home run
The San Francisco Giant later became embroiled in a drug scandal. Barry Bonds steroids scandal

What else happened on this day?
1961: Elizabeth Taylor took home the best actress Academy Award for her performance as the "other woman" in an emotional drama. Butterfield 8
1961: CIA-trained Cuban exiles launched a disastrous mission (bay of pigs) to invade Cuba and topple its leader.Fidel Castro
1964: The Ford Motor Co. unveils a signature muscle car. 1964 mustang
Carrie Underwood honored, Carrie Underwood named top entertainer
April 18
In 2010, a country music organization named Carrie Underwood entertainer of the year -- the first time a woman held the honor twice. Academy of Country Music
The crooner first shot to fame after winning a popular singing competition. Watch videos of her performances. Carrie Underwood American idol

What else happened on this day?
1775: An American patriot began his ride to Lexington, Mass., warning colonists that the British were coming. Paul Revere
1999: The NHL's all-time leading scorer played his last professional game. Wayne Gretzky final game
Eliot Ness born, Crime fighter Eliot Ness is born
April 19
In 1903, Ness, an agent during this period of American history, was born. He led a legendary law enforcement team that took down a notorious Chicago gangster. Eliot Ness and untouchables unit, AL capone
An A-list actor played Ness in a crime thriller. Kevin Costner, The Untouchables
What else happened on this day?
1897: This city's first marathon was run. Boston Marathon 1897
1956: A Hollywood actress marries her prince Prince Rainier in a fairy-tale wedding in Monaco. Who was the iconic woman? Grace Kelly
Danica Patrick speeds into history
April 20
In 2008, race car driver Danica Patrick (photos) left her competitors in the dust when she made history as the first female winner to capture an Indy race Indy Japan 300
The racer now drives for NASCAR. Danica Patrick - place of birth: Beloit
What else happened on this day?
1972: A manned lunar module landed on the moon.
Sam Houston defeats Mexico
April 21
In 1836, Texas Gen. Sam Houston launched a battle against the Mexican army at San Jacinto. The extremely brief battle led to the establishment of an independent Republic of Texas. battle of San Jacinto within minutes,
What else happened on this day?
1910: The author of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" dies. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain - date and place of death: April 21, 1910, at Redding
1986: A TV journalist opens a rediscovered vault linked to Chicago gangster Al Capone. Geraldo Rivera al capone vault,
First Earth Day, A new day on Earth
April 22
In 1970, Americans paused for a day to observe the planet's natural resources and focus on environmental concerns.Earth day
Find a list of Earth Day activities. Earth day activities 2012
What else happened on this day?
1904: An American nuclear physicist, who headed the country's atomic bomb development project, was born. J Robert Oppenheimer
'New' Coke fizzles
April 23
In 1985, soft-drink company Coca-Cola revealed that it was changing its secret formula and introducing a "new" beverage to compete with its rival. But the move proved disastrous, so the "classic" formula made a swift comeback. 1985 new coke
What else happened on this day?
1969: The man convicted in the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy is sentenced. Sirhan Sirhan death sentence life in prison
1971: The Rolling Stones released the first album on their new label. Listen to their songs. The Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers (2009 Remaster)
Pope Benedict installed as pope
April 24
In 2005, an inauguration Mass was held in the Vatican City to install Pope Benedict as the Roman Catholic Church's new spiritual leader. Pope Benedict XVI inauguration,

The pope (Joseph Ratzinger ) formerly held this title.
What else happened on this day?
1898: A European country declared war on the United States, which responded likewise the next day. Spanish American War
1953: A British statesman was knighted. Winston Churchill
The Hubble is deployed into space
April 25
In 1990, NASA's Hubble telescope was deployed from the space shuttle Discovery. Hailed as a scientific triumph, the telescope had a significant flaw, requiring additional missions to upgrade its instruments and operational systems. See images of space from the telescope. Hubble space telescope flawed mirror,
What else happened on this day?
1908: An influential American radio and TV broadcaster during the industry's early years was born. Edward R. Murrow
1944: A fund was established to help African-American students attend college. United Nego college fund,
'Mother of blues' is born, 'Ma' Rainey sings the blues
April 26
In 1886, Ma Rainey, one of the earliest known professional blues singers (see photos), is born. Billed as the "mother of the blues," the vaudevillian was one of the first generation of such singers to record (listen to her songs).

What else happened on this day?
1986: A major nuclear accident occurred at a plant in the Ukraine. Chernobyl nuclear accident
1989: A red-haired actress, who became one of America's most beloved TV comedians, died at age 77. Lucille ball
Yankee Stadium honors the Babe
April 27
In 1947, Yankee Stadium held a special day to honor the ailing Babe Ruth, who had broken the sport's most important slugging records. Babe Ruth 714 home runs
Read about his other milestones, and watch videos of the slugger. babe ruth statistics,
What else happened on this day?
1822: The 18th president of the United States was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio. Ulysses S. Grant
2006: Construction began on the Freedom Tower in New York City. Freedom tower 1776 feet
Final 'Chorus Line', 'Chorus Line' gives its final bow
April 28
In 1990, 'Chorus Line,' a musical composed by Marvin Hamlisch, closed on Broadway after thousands of performances. View clips and listen to a signature tune from the show. A Chorus Line closes after 6137 performances, i hope i get it
What else happened on this day?
1967: An already iconic heavyweight boxing champion refused to be inducted into the Army. Muhammad Ali
1789: Sailors drawn to the idyllic life on a Pacific island staged a mutiny against the captain of their British navy ship. Mutiny on hms bounty
Joan of Arc defeats the English
April 29
In 1429, Joan of Arc entered the besieged city of Orleans to lead a French victory over the English. Joan of arc,age 19 at her death, Joan of arc voices from god, Joan of arc burned at stake
Two years later, the teen virgin warrior who proclaimed herself a divine messenger, would be sentenced to die. Joan of arc,age 19 at her death, Joan of arc voices from god, Joan of arc burned at stake
What else happened on this day?
1992: A deadly riot erupts after four Los Angeles police officers were acquitted of nearly all the charges in the videotaped beating of Rodney King. Los Angeles riots 1992
1899: This jazz composer and bandleader was born in Washington, D.C. Duke Ellington
Ellen DeGeneres' 'comes out' debut
April 30
In 1997, ABC aired the "coming out" episode of a sitcom character played by DeGeneres, who also admitted in real life that she was gay.
Watch video clips of the episode and see whom the comedian later married.
What else happened on this day?
1803: The United States purchased a massive area of territory from France. Louisiana Purchase
1859: Charles Dickens published a now classic novel about the unrest leading to the American and French revolutions. A Tale of Two Cities