Friday, March 16, 2012

Famous Birthplaces

Famous Birthplaces & Celebrity Birthplaces - Celebrity-Birth-Places Some say you can tell a lot about a person by where they came from.  Maybe it's their accent or the way they dress, but many people can't hide their roots.  Find out where some of our favorite famous people were born.

Giada De Laurentiis
The TV food chef giada at home seems to make cooking look simple giada de laurentiis recipes, which could be a result of her Italian roots. Giada de laurentiis birthplace Rome

Eli Manning
The two-time Super Bowl champ new england patriots plays for the New York Giants, but he's well-known for being a Southern boy. Eli manning birthplace New Orleans

Lea Michele
The "Glee" star and Broadway veteran didn't have to travel far to pursue her dreams of performing on the stage she rumored to be dating cory monteith. Lea michele birthplace The Bronx

Nicki Minaj
The rapper known for her unique style grew up in a New York borough, but came from an island in the Caribbean. Nicki Minaj Birthplace Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago

Chad Ochocinco
The NFL star New England patriots played college football on the West Coast Oregon state university, but was born and raised in a busy city across the country reality TV star is he engaged to evelyn lozada. Chad ochocinco birthplace Miami

Natalie Portman
The Oscar-winning actress Black Swan moved around as a child, but has said her heart is in the religious city where she was born Natalie portman birthplace Jerusalem
Emma Stone
Known for her roles in "The Help" and "Superbad," Stone left her hometown at the age of 15 in order to chase her acting dream. Emma stone birthplace Scottsdale
Barbara Walters
The longtime journalist and co-host of "The View" has interviewed many world leaders, and she was born in one of the oldest US cities. Barbara walters birthplace Boston
Kanye West
The Grammy-winning rapper often refers to Chicago as his hometown, but he was actually born in a Southern city. Kanye west birthplace Atlanta
Ben Affleck
The actor, who won an Oscar for co-writing a film Good Will Hunting, always seems to represent Boston, but he's originally from the opposite side of the country. Ben affleck's birthplace Berkeley
Maya Angelou
This well-known poet is recognized all over the world for her work most famous books i know why the caged bird sings, but she has humble beginnings in the Midwest. Maya angelou birthplace St. Louis
Warren Buffett
Known as one of the richest men in the world berkshire hathaway, Buffett has several other nicknames wizard of omaha oracle of omaha from the city where he was born. Warren buffett birthplace Omaha
Stephen Colbert
The host of a popular show colbert report pokes fun at hot topics from all over the world, but most of his material covers the town he came from Stephen Colbert birthplace Washington, D.C.
Ann Curry
As one of the longest serving anchors on "Today," Curry started her journey in smaller markets on the West Coast Oregon, United States, but she's originally from another country. Ann curry birthplace Guam
Tom Cruise
The Hollywood megastar spent some of his childhood in Canada Ottawa ontario, but he was born about 200 miles away from the area. Tom cruise birthplace Syracuse
Hugh Hefner
The founder of Playboy magazine has been living a wild life in his popular Playboy Mansion, Los Angeles mansion Los Angeles, California, but he got his start in his Midwest hometown. Hugh hefner birthplace Chicago
Michael Jordan
The NBA living legend is known for his playing days with the Chicago Bulls – and his college alma mater north carolina tar heels – but he was born on the East Coast. Michael jordan place of birth Brooklyn