Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celebrity Genealogy

Celebrity Genealogy, Famous family connections, It's Genealogy Day and, to get a jump-start on researching your own kith and kin (á la these popular shows on PBS and NBC), take a look at the family ties of some famous names. Genealogy Day March 12, Faces of America, Who Do You Think You Are?

Warren Beatty
Beatty may have come from a family of educators, but the Oscar winner (see which film) and his esteemed sibling were both bitten by the acting bug.

Who's his actress big sister? Shirley Maclaine
Shirley Maclaine + Downton Abbey Season 3,
George W. Bush
It’s common knowledge that the nation’s 43rd president took up the “family business,” filling in for his father. But tracing a family tree shows that there was another president in his bloodline.

Which former president was related? Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln + seventh cousin, five times removed + George W. Bush, distant cousins + Dick Cheney + Barack Obama + George Bush, Princess Diana + Bush + 11th cousin, twice removed
Vince Carter
This NBA player— who’s known for slam-dunking and, more recently, stately dining — has faced family feuds on the court.

Who's his ball-playing second cousin? Tracy McGrady
Vince Carter hosts Obama dinner
Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State Clinton has an itinerary that’s chock-full of globetrotting, much like her movie star distant relative.

Who’s her A-list cousin? Angelina Jolie
Hillary Clinton + ninth cousin, twice removed + Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton + 10th cousin + Madonna,
Macaulay Culkin
Culkin rose to fame starring in family fare and it’s well known that his siblings followed in his footsteps. But there’s another family tie of note.

Who’s his TV star aunt? Bonnie Bedelia
Parenthood, Macaulay Culkin thin photos, Kieran and Rory Culkin
Miguel Ferrer
Ferrer is the son of Puerto Rican film star José Ferrer. But his mother was a stateside star in her own right.

Who was his songstress mom? Rosemary Clooney
Rosemary Clooney "Come On-a My House",
Gabrielle Giffords
The former U.S. representative has a husband who has traveled to the stars and a second cousin who is herself a star.

Who's her movie-star cousin? Gwyneth Paltrow
Gabrielle Giffords resigns from Congress, Gabrielle Giffords + University of Arizona + National Institute for Civil Discourse, Captain Mark Kelly
Norah Jones
The Grammy Award-winning vocalist has music in her blood — her father is an international music legend.

Who’s her musician father? Ravi Shankar
Geethali Norah Jones Shankar, Little Broken Hearts Norah Jones, Don't Know Why Norah Jones
Eva Longoria
This prime-time star hails from Texas and embraces her Mexican roots. But her extended family tree reveals an international twist.

Who’s her cousin of Asian descent? Yo-Yo Ma
Yo-Yo Ma 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom, Eva Longoria + Obama reelection campaign,
Kate Middleton
Middleton may run in high-profile circles across the pond, but she’s linked to a VIP in the family stateside, too.

Who’s her funny American relative? Ellen De Generes
Ellen De Generes + Kate Middleton + 15th cousins, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Barack Obama
The president has a half-sister from Indonesia, a mother from the heartland and a father from Africa. But his eclectic family doesn’t stop there; he’s got ties in D.C., too.

Who’s his political cousin? Dick Cheney
Barack Obama + Dick Cheney + 8th cousins, Barack Obama + Brad Pitt + 9th cousins,
Al Roker
While Roker has made a career out of being an affable morning person, his second cousin keeps rock-star hours.

Who’s Roker’s rocker cousin? Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz + Hunger Games,
Maya Rudolph
The "SNL" alum and "Bridesmaids" star loves breaking into song. This isn’t surprising, when you consider she had a singer for a mom.

Who was her songbird mother? Minnie Riperton
"Loving You" Minnie Riperton, Minnie Riperton + breast cancer,