Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amazing Rescues

Amazing Rescues: Amazing Rescue Stories, A North Carolina school bus driver is a hero after saving students last month from a burning bus. Lindora Richardson says she helped the children out the rear door of the bus after smoke poured into the front.

They all escaped seconds before the bus erupted into flames. In just the first few months of 2012, we've found other unlikely heroes whose quick thinking helped save lives. +Charlotte bus driver saves six kids from fire, fan heater motor caused North Carolina school bus fire,
xiang xinyuan tv drowning boy, A teen in Guiyang, China, reportedly saved a young boy from drowning based on what she had seen on television. Xiang Xinyuan says she saw the boy struggling for his life in a freezing river, so she jumped in and used techniques from the programs she had watched to rescue him.

80 year old son saves fisherman, A retired Navy seaman and his son are being credited with rescuing a fisherman after he slipped and fell into rough seas. Les Cook says his son dove into the water to save the man, then Cook used his jacket and rope so they could haul the man out of the water. air sea rescue,
tow truck driver rescues man fire, Tow truck driver John Murray from Smyrna, Tenn., was at the scene of a two-vehicle crash that caused a semi-truck to slide on its side and burst into flames with the driver trapped inside. Murray reportedly ran to the truck, kicked out the window and pulled the man out to safety
teen saves school bus, Philadelphia teen Graceann Rumer was praised after she saved a school bus full of students when the driver collapsed. She reportedly grabbed the steering wheel of the moving bus, made a U-turn and then put the bus in park to make it stop. 17 year old saves school bus,
kyle sister garden pond, Kyle Mollan reportedly saved his little sister from drowning after she fell in a garden pond at their home in Dunfermline. The girl apparently hit her head and plunged into the icy water. Her brother was able to grab her arm and quickly pull her to safety. kyle 8 sister garden pond,
teen saves friend speeding van, A teen in China reportedly pulled her friend out of the road after noticing a speeding van heading toward them. Her heroic act caused her to get hit by the van, which sent her flying several feet. Chinese teen suffers fractured pelvic bone in saving friend from speeding van, 15 year old saves friend speeding van, Chinese girl saves friend from van split second decision,
passers by icy crash, At least eight people near the scene of a wreck helped rescue three kids trapped in an upside-down car in an icy Utah river. One man shot out the windows and freed one of the kids. Rescuers then turned the car upright to free the rest of the children. utah river rescue 3rd time