Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weird Dolls Around The World

Weird Dolls Around The World, These crass and creepy playthings from the U.S. and abroad aren’t so bad that they’re illegal, Iran bans Barbies, but they’ve certainly raised their fair share of eyebrows and parental ire. See which dolls have caused toy-aisle trauma over the years.
Breast Milk Baby, In the words of this Spain-based toy company, "little girls need to learn to breastfeed." And for $89, Berjuan Toys, the controversial Bebé Glotón can show them how. breast feeding baby doll controversy, Breast Milk Baby + halter top + flowers for nipples + for girls to wear, Dr. Toy Top 100 Best Children + Product of 2011 + breast milk baby,
Diamond Barbie, A renowned jeweler created a one-of-a-kind Barbie that flaunts a necklace encrusted with white diamonds and a one-carat pink diamond. Stefano Canturi Barbie, $302,500 Diamond Barbie, Diamond Barbie + Christie's New York auction house, Stefano Canturi + The Breast Cancer Research Foundation,
Epidermits, The folks at Karten Designs crafted this as more of a concept than an actual toy. It can be tattooed, epidermits toy human-like tissue cover, Epidermits + MOMA, pierced and tanned.  Epidermits + hibernation in the refrigerator,
Erwin the Little Patient, You have a green toy company to thank for this little plush anatomy lesson. Kids simply lift his hospital gown,  Erwin the Little Patient toy + available in Germany, unzip his chest and the little guy's guts are theirs for the exploring. 
Growing Up Skipper, This 1975 version of Skipper  was sold as "Two Dolls in One." She could mature before girls' very eyes, Growing Up Skipper + breasts grow, but that was the problem. Skipper Roberts doll, Growing Up Skipper ebay,
Oreo Fun Barbie, Mattel and a leading snack brand collaborated on this late '90s project that drew harsh criticism from members of the African-American community. Oreo + African-American pejorative term , Oreo Fun Barbie recalled,
Pee & Poo, Every kid does No. 1 and No. 2, but this stuffed toy line is hoping they'll want to play with it, too. The line includes more than just flushable plush figures. See how they've expanded. Pee & Poo plush toys + underpants + onesies, Emma Megitt + Pee & Poo,
Pregnant Midge, The pregnant version of Barbie's best friend, Midge, Midge + Mattel, +Midge + promotes teenage pregnancy, featured a pop-off belly with a smiling infant waiting inside.  Pregnant Midge + pulled from Wal-Mart,
Pole Dancing Doll, A gadget blog is responsible for putting this one on parents' radar back in 2009. Gizmodo + pole dancing doll, The site featured an in-store product shot of a doll that rotates up and down a shiny silver pole. Pole Dancing Doll a hoax, Jesus Diaz + stripper doll likely authentic, USB Pole Dancer,
Reborn Dolls, The target audience for these baby dolls likes them to appear as lifelike as possible. One of these uncanny "living dolls" looked so real that it helped facilitate a headline-making scam. Reborn dolls + adult women customers, reborn doll + "April's Mom" blog hoax, Reborn dolls + birth certificates + adoption certificates,
Tokidoki Barbie, This 2011 Barbie raised eyebrows for its heavily tattooed arms, back and neck. The designer envisioned it more as a limited edition collectible for older customers, hence, Tokidoki Barbie + $50, the price tag. pet named Bastardino + Tokidoki Barbie, Tokidoki Barbie controversy, Totally Stylin' Tatoos Barbie,
Venereals, Though this plush toy company specializes in making dolls that look like stuffed versions of E. Coli and Chicken Pox, Giant Microbes + Venereals, they also carry a special line in their so-called "Red Light District."  Chlamydia + Herpes + HPV + Venereals + GIANTMicrobes,  GIANTMicrobes + Venereals + petri dish box,  Drew Oliver + Giant Microbes,
Video Girl Barbie, Mattel's 2010 Barbie came with a working video camera hidden in her necklace and a playback screen in her back. Video Girl Barbie doll demo, FBI + Video Girl Barbie could be used for child,