Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Famous Leap Day Birthdays

Famous Leap Day Birthdays, Celebrities Leap Day Birthdays, Famous Leap Day Babies, +famous leap day birthdays, Leap Day, Leap Day is here once again. The every-four-years phenomenon is extra-special for those born on Feb. 29. See if you can guess the identities of these famous Leap Day babies.
A life coach - Awaken the Giant Within author, Jim Rohn, +tony robbins, Why he's famous: He began his career as a protégé of this motivational speaker, went on to write several self-help books and had a cameo in the Farrelly brothers' comedy "Shallow Hal." +tony robbins,

A New York City rapper - between me and you rapper, Ja Rule, Why he's famous: He's known for his beef with a fellow rapper and for his collaborations with female singers, including an "American Idol" judge and another singer-actress.

A soap star - antonio sabato jr, Why he's famous: He got his start on a daytime soap opera, hit the prime time as an abusive ex-husband on "Melrose Place" and caught the world's attention in a sultry music video by Janet Jackson.

A late talk-show host - See the USA in your chevrolet singer, dinah shore, Why she's famous: She began her career on radio programs in the 1940s but later moved on to host several talk shows, date a movie star and found a popular golf tournament. +kraft nabisco golf tournament,

A groundbreaking historian - Dorris Alexander Dee Brown, bury my heart at wounded knee author, bury my heart at wounded knee, Why he's famous: His 1970 bestselling book exposed the injustices Native Americans lived through as the United States government settled the West.

An MLB slugger - Cleveland Indians Hebrew Hammer, Why he's famous: al rosen, He was a four-time Major League Baseball All-Star third baseman who became general manager for a National League team in the 1980s.

A Democratic congressman - stupak-pitts amendment, bart stupak, Why he's famous: The retired U.S. representative played a crucial part in health care reform and rented a room in a controversial Washington, D.C., house. +police officer michigan's 1st congressional district 1993-2011,

A reality TV star - pedro zamora, Why he's famous: The then-22-year-old introduced MTV viewers to the realities of being HIV-positive on a groundbreaking TV series. hiv-positive real world san francisco star, hiv positive,

An Olympic swimmer - second African-American to hold a world record in swimming, cullen jones, Why he's famous: He became the second African-American swimmer to win a gold medal as a member of the record-breaking 4x100 relay team at the 2008 Summer Olympics. 2008 freestyle 4x100 relay team,