Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prince William Party Tent

Prince William Party Tent Duchess Kate To Turn 30

Kate's Eighties-themed bash: Pippa and Harry plan cocktails and karaoke party for Duchess of Cambridge's 30th

Party to be thrown at secret London location for 'close friends and family'
Kate to let hair down ahead of William's departure for Falklands next month

With a party-planning socialite for a sister and a brother-in-law as well-connected as Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge's 30th birthday was never going to be allowed to pass without fanfare.

Sure enough, when Kate enters her fourth decade on 9 January next week, Pippa and Harry will be on hand to ensure proceedings go off with a bang.

According to Grazia magazine who names a 'royal source' as their mole, the fun-loving two have planned an Eighties-themed birthday party for Kate complete with cocktails and karaoke.

The magazine revealed that Pippa and Harry have been organising a 'secretly arranged party' to be thrown in her honour this weekend.

On the eve of her 30th, Kate is said to be making her movie premiere debut with William at Odeon Leicester Square for Stephen Spielberg's film War Horse. She and William are to attend a £10,000 a ticket charity dinner afterwards.

After that, Kate and William will be free to party.

Grazia's royal source said: 'In many ways, this is going to be Kate's last chance to let go like she did back in the old days when she and William first met.

'The party has been months in the planning. Pippa and Harry have been in the thick of it, and have recruited a bunch of friends to help.

'The guests have been sent "save the date" cards, and told that it will probably be in London.

'Given the people organising it, you can be sure it will be brilliant.'

Grazia goes on to say that the party, which will have an 80s theme to mark the decade in which Kate was born - will be an intimate affair for 'close friends and family.'

With David and Victoria now considered close pals of the two young royals, the guest list is likely to be stellar.

Where the party is to be held is yet to be confirmed, though it is said to be a secret 'pop-up' venue.
The report suggests that cocktails will be organised by Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Sterling, friends of Kate and William who own Maggie's Bar and Bunga Bunga in Chelsea.

Friends will no doubt be wondering what they could possibly buy the future Queen.

Grazia's sources close to Kate have said she has asked guests to donate to charity in place of buying her gifts.

For his part though, William is understood to be keen to mark the occasion with a thoughtful present, and has been looking to buy his new wife a watch.

The young prince is also said to be commissioning an oil portrait of the Kate to celebrate her 30th birthday and her first year as a member of the royal family.

The Queen is said to be giving Kate a tiara from the royal collection.

Grazia's royal source says the party will be a good way for Kate to let off steam ahead of what will be a tough year.

Next month, William is to be posted to the Falklands for six weeks as part of his role as Royal Navy helicopter pilot. Privately, Kate is said to be 'dreading' his absence.

'It's going to be a party of clashes in every way, says the source. 'On the one hand there are all these exquisite royal trappings, and on the other, Pippa is planning to top off the party with a karaoke session. Kate needs to enjoy herself while she can, though, so she can be forgiven for belting out a few Duran Duran and Madonna numbers on her birthday. Kate cocktails and karaoke, Prince William party tent, Kate Middleton date of birth, Kate Middleton birthday

'It's all going to get pretty serious soon afterwards. Kate's understandably nervous and is giong to miss William desperately.'