Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leah Messer Corey Simms Fight

Leah Messer Corey Simms Fight

‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: Leah Messer Walks Out On Corey Simms After A Fight Over Money

Leah’s so fed up with Corey, she threatens to leave, Chelsea can’t get over Adam, Jenelle’s fight with her roommate leads to a violent beat down and Kailyn takes Jo to court!

Teen Mom 2 was back again this week with another round of drama, babies, fights and more. Kailyn Lowry‘s baby daddy still won’t pay child support, so she decides to lawyer up. Leah Messer‘s fights with Corey Simms over money get so bad, she leaves him. Chelsea Houska starts a new job, but she can’t focus because of Adam. And Jenelle Evans lets her bad relationship with Kieffer Delp lead to a VIOLENT smack-down with her best friend.

Leah Messer: Corey’s dream of becoming a coal miner is almost achieved, so the couple is off to look for land for their trailer. They find a spot, and luckily it’s closer for Ali’s doctor appointments. But Corey waffles and doesn’t want to jump into buying a house. He wants a truck instead. Leah’s mad Corey wants a truck over a house. She has a point, their current situation has tons of issues. Leah asks her parents to help her look for a trailer because Corey isn’t on board. The two get in a HUGE fight over money. Is this the first sign of cracks in the marriage?

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea and Adam broke up. Again. “How can I like him so much, and he likes me not at all,” she asks. Her dad has a good answer: “You can’t make anybody like you.” Her mom asks “What do you like about him?” That’s a good question because I want to know, too. Chelsea starts her first day on the job. Yay, working girl! But she can’t concentrate at work because she’s so sad about Adam. Ugh. He is the worst.

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle and Kieffer have been fighting. Jenelle goes with her mom to figure out child support for Jace — she only has to pay $30 a week — and they have a heart-to-heart on the way home. Barbara says Jenelle can do better than Kieffer, so Jenelle yells at her? Makes sense. They get in another fight. She drives off and dumps him on the side of the road, where he belongs. He comes back, and they fight again. Somehow Jenelle and her roommate start fighting, and Tori tells her to move out. Woah. Jenelle, Kieffer, Tori and that other guy get into a HUGE brawl. Can’t we all just get along?

Kailyn Lowry: She still hasn’t received money from Jo (he’s spending it on his rap career, Kailyn!). He says he can’t pay, so they’re off to court again. She meets with an attorney, who thinks Jo doesn’t have a case.