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Famous Deaths In January

Famous Deaths In January

Famous Deaths In January, Notable deaths in January 2012, In January we lost many luminaries, including "The Matriarch of the Blues" and her mentor, a promising skier and a legendary football coach. Scroll through to read about these and others who passed away.
Joe Paterno
Died Jan. 22 (b. 1926)

Coach Joe Paterno stayed with one team for 61 years. "JoePa" gained an invincible winning record. Paterno most victories NCAA Division I only coach 400

Cause of death: Paterno lung cancer
What were the circumstances of his retirement? Paterno retire sandusky
Etta James
Died Jan. 20 (b. 1938)

Singer Etta James was a prolific crossover artist who brought together rhythm and blues and rock and roll. She won many awards in her decades-long career. Etta James bridged rhythm blues rock roll, Etta James Grammy "blues music awards" Etta James 1954 career

Cause of death: +Etta James leukemia
What was her unofficial title? James Matriarch of the blues
Sarah Burke
Died Jan. 19 (b. 1982)

Sarah Burke was a multi-champion freestyle skier who successfully lobbied to add the superpipe to the 2014 Olympic Games. Sarah Burke winter x games "world championship" burke lobbied superpipe, Sarah Burke skiing superpipe, 2014 winter olympics

Cause of death: Burke injury half pipe
Who was her skiing and romantic partner? Burke married rory bushfield
Johnny Otis
Died Jan. 17 (b. 1921)

The life's work of Johnny Otis made him the "Godfather of Rhythm and Blues." He influenced musicians Etta James, Jackie Wilson and Little Richard.

Cause of death: Johnny Otis poor health home
His brother is an accomplished diplomat: Otis ambassador Nicholas Veliotes
His son is a famous musician: Otis shuggie
Arfa Karim
Died Jan. 14 (b. 1995)

Arfa Karim Randhawa became a Microsoft Certified Professional at an unprecedented age. Bill Gates invited her to come to the Microsoft headquarters from her home in Pakistan.

Cause of death: Arfa Karim seizure coma cardiac arrest
What landmark was named after her? Arfa Karim science park lahore
Nancy Clarke
Died Jan. 14 (b. 1946)

Nancy Clarke was the White House "flower czar." After inconspicuous beginnings, she became the chief floral designer during the Reagan administration. nancy clarke carter volunteer

Cause of death: Nancy Clarke respiratory ailment
Her tenure spanned how many presidencies? Nancy Clarke six presidencies
Charles Price
Died Jan. 12 (b. 1931)

Charles H. Price was the U.S. ambassador to Belgium, and then was reappointed by President Ronald Reagan to the ambassadorship of the United Kingdom. At that post, he mitigated a civilian bombing.

Cause of death: charles price "cardiac arrest" home indian wells
He was a candy heir, and his wife was a frozen-food heir price carol ann swanson frozen food
Mae Laborde
Died Jan. 9 (b. 1909)

Mae Laborde became a star late in life through famous cameos, including a skit about John McCain. She also starred in the most-watched video on this website.

Cause of death: +Laborde died in sleep
What was her job before acting? Laborde one-time bookkeeper Lawrence Welk Show
Dave Alexander
Died Jan. 8 (b. 1938)

Dave Alexander was a blues musician who played with Big Mama Thornton, Muddy Waters and many others. He helped create boogie-woogie music. Dave Alexander jimmy witherspoon buddy guy albert collin

Cause of death: +Dave Alexander evidently self-inflicted gunshot wound home
What were his nicknames? Alexander Omar Sharriff Hakim Khayam magnificent
Tony Blankley
Died Jan. 7 (b. 1948)

Tony Blankley was the press secretary for Newt Gingrich and a political analyst for several news outlets. Blankley also worked for a president. blankley washington times mclaughlin group "left, right & center" blankley policy analyst speechwriter reagan

Cause of death: Blankley "stomach cancer"
What were his credentials as a child actor? blankley lassie "the harder they fall"
Don Carter
Died Jan. 5 (b. 1926)

Don Carter was a bowling superstar. He earned the first million-dollar endorsement of any athlete. Don Carter endorsement Ebonite International

Cause of death: Don carter complications emphysema pneumonia
How many times was he "bowler of the year"? Don Carter "bowler of the year" six
Frederica Sagor Maas
Died Jan. 5 (b. 1900)

Frederica Sagor Maas was a rare supercentenarian known for reasons other than longevity. She was a Hollywood writer, who was famous for her memoir about Tinseltown. sagor maas universal preferred mgm tiffany, sagor maas memoir miss pilgrim

Circumstances of death: sagor maas nursing died
What did she say about payback? sagor maas outlived payback
Eve Arnold
Died Jan. 4 (b. 1912)

Eve Arnold (see photos) was a photojournalist who focused on Marilyn Monroe (see Arnold's photos) and migrant workers. Arnold also photographed Queen Elizabeth II and Malcolm X.

Cause of death: Eve Arnold died sleep
Gatewood Galbraith
Died Jan. 4 (b. 1947)

Gatewood Galbraith advocated for civil liberties and was a frequent candidate in his home state. He created a theory of "Synthetic Subversion." +Galbraith five governor "attorney general" commissioner, Galbraith marijuana privacy

Cause of death: Galbraith emphysema
What was his job besides politics? Gatewood Galbraith lawyer
Kerry McGregor
Died Jan. 4 (b. 1974)

Kerry McGregor was a musician and actress who became famous on the United Kingdom's "X Factor," for which she was mentored by Sharon Osbourne.

Cause of death: Kerry McGregor complications bladder cancer
McGregor was due to record with another 'X Factor' star: Kerry McGregor record Susan Boyle
Robert L. Carter
Died Jan. 3 (b. 1917)

Robert L. Carter was a civil rights activist and a New York judge. He assisted a future Supreme Court justice and served as counsel for the NAACP. robert carter new york district judge, robert carter legal assistant thurgood marshall, robert l. carter rights discrimination, robert carter legal assistant thurgood marshall

Cause of death: Robert L. Carter stroke complications
What was his winning record in court? robert l. carter twenty one two
Bob Weston
Died Jan. 3 (b. 1947)

Bob Weston was a hybrid musician best known for his time with Fleetwood Mac. He left the band amid personal controversy. bob weston guitar slide harmonica banjo, weston fleetwood mac guitarist songwriter early 70s, weston affair mick fleetwood's wife

Cause of death: +weston gastrointestinal hemorrhage
Did Weston and Mick Fleetwood make amends? weston mick fleetwood no hard feelings
Gordon Hirabayashi
Died Jan. 2 (b. 1918)

Gordon Hirabayashi was a sociologist who powerfully opposed the Japanese internment during World War II, notably through Hirabayashi v. United States. hirabayashi sociology degrees

Circumstances of death: hirabayashi alzheimer's edmonton, alberta
Why did he hitchhike to prison? hirabayashi hitchhike arizona prison pay, james matriarch of r&b, johnny otis discovered james,
Bob Anderson
Died Jan. 1 (b. 1922)

Bob Anderson was an Olympic fencer and the choreographer of cinematic standoffs in "Highlander," "The Princess Bride" and "The Lord of the Rings." He was also the lightsaber stuntman for Darth Vader. anderson fencer olympics england

Circumstances of death: bob anderson fencing west sussex hospital
Why was he called "Grumpy Bob"? bob anderson grumpy perfectionist