Friday, January 13, 2012

Boy Breakfast Iguana

Boy Breakfast Iguana

Where are your table manners? Little boy sits down to breakfast with an IGUANA

They say you shouldn't eat with your elbows on the table.

But this little boy eats his breakfast every day with his best friend on the table.

In this sugar-sweet snapshot of family life, adorable Logan, aged four, and the family pet rhinoceros iguana Buddy, aged six, sit chomping their identikit breakfasts of Kix and bananas.

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Dad tries to engage them in conversation, but the endearing pair seem far more interested in chomping down their healthy breakfast.

In fact, the appealing duo seem to like their bowlful so much they seem tailor-made to land a part in the breakfast cereal's next ad.

The terrible twosome might need to work on their table manners first though- Logan has yet to learn not to chew with his mouth open.
And Buddy...where do we get started .. ?

Watch the video: Rhino Iguana Breakfast