Saturday, December 3, 2011

Selena Gomez Wardrobe Malfunction

Selena Gomez Wardrobe Malfunction,

Selena Gomez Major Wardrobe Malfunction — She Flashes Her Spanx In Sexy Dress At Billboard Music Awards!
Selena looked better than she ever has in her revealing black dress at the Billboard Music Awards, save for one tiny mishap when her cutaway sides revealed her undergarments!

Selena Gomez had one of the best nights ever May 22 as she got to watch boyfriend Justin Bieber walk home with three Billboard Music Awards, all while wearing a gorgeous, and revealing, black dress. The only problem? When she stood up to get a kiss from Justin after he was named Top New Artist her underwear, or Spanx, could be seen through her dress. Yikes!

This isn’t Selena’s first malfunction either as the singer also flashed her Spanx to the audience at the Concert of Hope in LA on March 20. selena gomez wardrobe malfunction, selena gomez spanx,

Wardrobe malfunction or not, nothing could take away from how amazing Selena looked at the Billboard Awards — is this her best dress yet?