Friday, December 23, 2011

Real-Life Scrooge

Real-Life Scrooge

Charles Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol" in 1843, but these modern-day Scrooges would give his greedy Ebenezer a run for his money.
Thief steals kettle from disabled woman, The Scrooge: A wheelchair-bound bell ringer was collecting donations on Nov. 29 when the suspect (and his getaway-car-driving accomplice) took off with an iconic item. Thief steals salvation army kettle from disabled woman, thief + steals + red kettle + disabled woman, history of salvation army bell ringers, salvation army kettle stolen at knifepoint, salvation army kettle stolen + dallas walgreens, Second Salvation Army kettle stolen from Norfolk Wal-Mart

Thief steals Christmas trees from Boy Scouts, The Scrooge: Surveillance cameras caught an SUV-driving woman stealing, for the third year in a row (2009-2011), from the Scouts' parking lot fundraiser. Woman steals christmas trees from boy scouts, Thief steals Christmas trees from Boy Scouts, Couple offers reward for stolen Christmas tree, 20 Christmas trees stolen from boy scouts, Montrose neighborhood Christmas tree stolen,

Baby Jesus stolen + Prescott, The Scrooge: An Arizona homeowner on Nov. 28 became another victim to a common holiday prank. baby jesus stolen prescott arizona, baby jesus theft, Baby Jesus stolen + Prescott, baby jesus replaced with pumpkin, gps tracks stolen baby jesus, baby Jesus chronicles + stolen Jesus with returned with photos

Gifts stolen from children's hospital, The Scrooge: Many of the donated holiday gifts, including a video game console and a popcorn machine, slated for sick kids disappeared in October from a hospital parking garage. $20,000 gifts stolen from children's hospital, Gifts stolen from children’s hospital, gifts stolen from antioch church, kennewick family loses gifts, "Sabrina Iddon" christmas gifts

Coca-Cola Santa tells girl she's on naughty list, The Scrooge: A truck-riding Santa Claus left a 4-year-old girl in tears last year after she walked over to meet him. coca-cola santa tells girl she's on the naughty list, coca-cola santa tells girl she's on naughty list, rock-throwing santa, frosty the snowman arrested at parade, female santas arrested

Teacher tells students there is no Santa, The Scrooge: An elementary-school teacher angered parents when she let a secret slip out to her second-graders in November. teacher tells students there is no santa, teacher tells students there is no santa,news anchor says there is no santa, how to tell kids truth about santa

Shenandoah decorations stolen, The Scrooge: A thief hit a Virginia town's holiday displays this year as well as last year. Shenandoah wreaths and garlands stolen, shenandoah decorations stolen, thieves caught with frosty and rudolph, family's christmas decorations stolen twice, rudd family christmas decorations stolen

A literary Scrooge, The Scrooge: This satirical writer (born June 24, 1842, and died after Dec. 26, 1913) was known for his biting wit and his mysterious disappearance.Ambrose Bierce, +ambrose bierce + bogus holiday, ambrose bierce disappearance + Mexico, ambrose bierce + Bitter Bierce + nickname, colin wood bunker christmas, dick whittinghill refused to play Elvis Christmas, oliver cromwell christmas ban