Monday, December 19, 2011

Matt Mcgloin Apology

Matt Mcgloin Apology

PSU’s Matt McGloin Apologizes for Fight

Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin has apologized for his role in a locker room fight Saturday with receiver Curtis Drake, according to The Big Lead on Sunday.

McGloin’s Twitter account was deleted, but The Big Lead obtained tweets that have been identified as from another private account belonging to the Penn State quarterback. also suggested the tweets were from McGloin.

The web site combined those tweets to form the following apology: “Time to man up: Me and C Drake got into verbal disagreement on practice field, I felt embarrassed that things were said in front of team. Situation started to cool down during remainder of practice. I was still pissed, C Drake wanted to clear the air with me in the locker room. I wanted no part to talk to Curtis at that moment, I gave him a piece of my mind, and I got what was coming to me.

“Curtis did the right thing by trying to clear the air with me, I let my emotions get the best of me. I made a mistake, and I feel awful. I will (sic) like to apologize to Coach Bradley, my teammates, other coaches, and all the young fans that look up to me. This behavior should not be tolerated, and I will accept any punishment handed down to me. All I ask is for privacy when talked about any injuries I may or may not of suffered. Thank you.”

According to reports, McGloin was sent to the hospital after being knocked out with one punch and suffering a seizure. Those details haven’t been confirmed.

The following comments came from McGloin’s public Twitter account after it was reportedly hacked and before it was deleted: “BTW..we all know i would knock Drake the f*** out.. just saying”.

As we wrote on Saturday, the Nittany Lions’ season just continues to get worse. But an apology from McGloin at least is the first step toward moving on from the latest bad news coming from State College.