Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Gay' penguins get chick

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'Gay' penguins get chick. A pair of "gay" penguins in a Chinese zoo have been given a chick to raise. Zookeepers say they are helping out another penguin that had twins.

The twins hatched at the Harbin Polar Land in northern China, and to give both babies the best chance in life the aquarium decided to give one of the twins to another set of parents.

Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 18px;">The 'gay' penguin couple are notorious in the aquarium's penguin community and they have been caught many a time trying to steal eggs during the hatching season. gay penguins chick,

Penguin males have a natural instinct for parenting, in the wild the male penguins share the duty of incubating the un-hatched eggs with the female. Harbin PolarLand penguins wedding, gay penguins steal eggs, 

Aquarium staff are hoping that the Chinese pair should be able to look after the new chick without too much of a problem.

In other 'gay' penguin news it was revealed that the two African penguins at Toronto Zoo that are to be separated will be reunited with each other in the spring. 

The zoo caused an outcry when it announced that it was to separate 'gay' penguins Buddy and Pedro in order to preserve the endangered species. Harbin PolarLand penguins wedding, gay penguins steal eggs, gay penguins chick

But the zoo has revealed that the couple are to be united in spring after they have attempted to mate them with females in the zoo's colony.