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Brooke Mueller Carrying Gun In L.A.

Brooke Mueller Carrying Gun In L.A.

Who on earth gave her a gun? Brooke Mueller wields a revolver at LA gun store, a week after drug arrest

She was arrested for felony drug possession in Aspen last week and wasted no time in hitting the town for a party this weekend.

So it was a pretty brave soul who handed Brooke Mueller a firearm at an L.A. gun shop on Saturday.

The troubled 34-year-old was seen brandishing a rather large revolver as she waited at the counter.

She was wearing suitable clothes for her pistol brandishing moment, sporting tan coloured leather trousers and matching waistcoat and boots.

A beige cowboy hat completed the look as she laughed and chatted with the store owner.

Apparently Mueller is familiar with firearms and has been sport shooting for a while, according to her representative Steven Honig.

'Brooke enjoys sport shooting, and has for some time,' he told TMZ. 'She knows how to handle herself at a range and is a very careful and skilled sport shooter.'

Under California law, it legal to carry a gun if you have a licence to carry a concealed firearm.

However, you can purchase a handgun without a permit.

The purchaser only has to present the gun dealer with a valid California Driver's License or a California I.D. Card and supply their thumbprint.

After her gun wielding show, Mueller wasted no time in hitting the town in Los Angeles and was spotted falling out of a nightclub in the early hours of the morning displaying erratic behaviour.

Mueller was seen running out of the Beverly nightclub with a scarf around her head.

She was then seen darting into a nearby cafe bar to wait for her car.

Given that she was arrested just last weekend while enjoying a night out in Aspen, it seems a little ill advised for her to be partying just one week later.

And Mueller clearly wasn't keen on being seen exiting the club in the early hours of the morning.

Mueller's outing at the range today could be the last for some time for Charlie Sheen's former wife.

Plans are reportedly being made by Mueller's representatives for her to attend a top secret rehab location close to her home. brooke mueller and gun, brooke mueller arrested, brooke mueller and gun in los angeles firing range, Library janitor coins

According to the website, her two-year-old twin sons Bob and Max will be cared for by their father Sheen at his home.

Mueller's mother and stepfather will also be assisting the actor with the child care.

Sheen has been very supportive in the wake of his ex-wife's recent dramas.

He was the first to rush to her defence following her arrest last weekend in Aspen for possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

The former Two And A Half Men star said he did not believe Mueller would have been trying to sell the drug - because he gives her all the cash she needs in child support.

Sheen - who pays her $55,000 per month - told TMZ: 'With the child support I give her... she's gonna deal drugs? Never gonna happen.'

The 46-year-old actor also laid into Aspen police who arrested Mueller. He said: 'The cops in Aspen are Keystone on their finest day... these are the clowns that let [Ted] Bundy go.'

Mueller has vowed to 'vigorously defend' the cocaine possession allegations.

She was arrested last Saturday and booked for a felony cocaine possession with the intention to distribute and for a third degree misdemeanour assault charge.

Her representative told Us Weekly that she was released on an $11,000 bond.

She is currently still caring for her sons, ahead of her court date on December 19.

'Brooke is back home in Los Angeles spending quiet time with her children,' said her spokesman earlier this week, adding that her lawyer, 'will vigorously defend Brooke with the goal of having all charges dropped once the facts of the case come to light.'

'Contrary to reports in the media, there will be no changes in the custody arrangement; the children are remaining with Brooke.

'Both Charlie and Brooke's mother have offered to support Brooke in any way they can,' added the spokesman.

Mueller is alleged to have partied the night away last Friday night at the Belly Up Club in Aspen, leaving her children with a nanny.

She was arrested after a woman reported her for assault - but upon searching her, police claim to have discovered a large quantity of cocaine on her.

A spokesman for the City of Aspen and Pitkin County Police said in a statement: 'Officers with the Aspen Police Department were on a routine walk through' of the Belly Up bar 'when a woman reported an assault had taken place.

The woman identified Brooke Mueller as the aggressor.'

A search was then launched and the reality star was tracked down to another nightclub after midnight, where she was arrested.

The police spokesman said: 'Mueller was arrested and charged with assault in the third degree (class one misdemeanour) and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute (class four felony).'

While the assault charge is a less serious misdemeanour case, the drugs charges could see the reality star could face up to six years in jail if found guilty.

A police spokesman added: 'When someone is found to have more than a certain amount of the drug, they are charged with intent to distribute.'

Mueller was released after posting bail, but must return for a District Court hearing on December 19.

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