Friday, November 11, 2011

Man searches dump for wife's ring

Man searches dump for wife's ring, Man Wades Through Garbage Dump to Find Engagement Ring. MIAMI | It seemed hopeless as a South Florida man stood before a 9-ton mountain of rotten garbage, desperately hoping to find his wife’s engagement ring.

Brian McGuinn accidentally tossed out the 1.5-carat engagement ring in the trash with a disposable razor the night before.

On Halloween day, McGuinn donned a protective suit and mask and waded through the trash. Crews warned him it was hopeless.

A worker offered to get a bulldozer to make the search easier. Ten minutes later, McGuinn found a cup from his wife’s favorite dessert spot and found their trash bag but the contents were spilled everywhere. man finds wife's $10k ring dump, hubby landfill wife's $10,000 ring, hubby landfill wife's $10,000 ring,

He took off his gloves, reached into a pool of black sludge and miraculously pulled out the engagement ring.

The couple is expecting their first child in a few months.