Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Man blames strippers drugs

Man blames strippers drugs, Man blames strippers for drugs in his car, Lee deputies report.

A man pulled over on Interstate 75 told Lee County sheriff's deputies he routinely drove strippers around and the Ecstasy found in his vehicle had to belong to one of them.

Junior Jean Merilia, 30, of Hollywood was arrested by deputies Tuesday along I-75. He faces charges of drug possession and keeping a vehicle for drugs.

Arrest reports say Merilia was driving south in a gray Dodge when deputies pulled him over for having windows tinted so dark they could not see the driver or see if there were any passengers inside. He also was following the vehicle in front of him very close despite several opportunities to change lanes.

After he was pulled over, deputies say Merilia explained that the vehicle was a rental and that he was not aware the tint was too dark. He appeared extremely nervous and told deputies he was returning from dropping off his children in Tampa. Deputies did not find any child seats or other children's items, reports said.

A drug sniffing dog alerted to narcotics in the vehicle. Merilia was sweating profusely and told deputies he rented the car for almost a month and could not be responsible for anything illegal inside because he routinely drove strippers around, reports said.

Deputies found a plastic baggy near the console. Inside were 27 capsules containing Ecstasy, deputies reported.