Monday, November 14, 2011

Jay Paterno breaks down at game

Jay Paterno breaks down at game, penn state nebraska, For the first time since 1949, there was a football game at Penn State that didn't involve Joe Paterno. The legendary coach was fired on November 9 as part of the now infamous Jerry Sandusky scandal. Despite Paterno's ouster and the views of many in the media, Paterno is still a beloved figure in State College. Many students have been gathering outside of his house every day. While Paterno was not at the game, many people were wondering if the coach was watching and what his thoughts were. As a Penn State alum, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious about what Paterno was doing around noon on November 12. According to this son, Paterno did indeed watch the game. Due to legal reasons, Paterno has not been speaking in public. He had addressed students gathered near his home after he was fired but has been pretty quiet ever since. So while no one heard anything direct from Paterno, we did hear something from his son Jay. Jay Paterno is also a coach on the Penn State staff and he was on the sidelines against Nebraska. He revealed to reporters on Sunday, November 13 that Joe was proud of the way Penn State played. He even offered some insight, saying that Penn State looked hesitant early but impressive later in the game.

It might not be the grand analysis that many people wanted to hear, but just knowing that Paterno was watching should be enough. The man has lived and breathed Penn State for more than 60 years. It had to have been a very strange day for Paterno. It would have been strange even if he had retired on his own terms. But when you consider the sudden end to his tenure and the circumstances around his firing, it's difficult to imagine anything that Paterno was feeling while the game was taking place. joe paterno fired, jay paterno dad i wish you were here, penn state nebraska, jay paterno dad i wish you were here,

The issue of Paterno has been widely debated ever since news of the scandal broke. There are those that scorn Paterno because he didn't do enough. There are also those that believe he did do enough or that he didn't know the extent of was happening with Sandusky. There are valid reasons for both schools of thought and we probably won't know what's true for a very long time. But at the end of the day, Paterno did a lot of great things for Penn State. I couldn't help but wonder what the man has been thinking for the last week. I think the fact that he watched the game at all shows that his spirit is still high.

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