Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, Nov. 15: Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, America Recycles Day, National Bundt Day, I Love to Write Day. Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

With Thanksgiving a couple of weeks away and more holiday entertaining around the corner, there's no better time to celebrate Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. Not sure where to start? Start by cleaning out the expired or empty condiment containers in the door. Then work your way down shelf by shelf tossing mystery meats and those vegetables you never ate. Wipe down the shelves with hot water and baking soda. Don't forget to clean out the drawers! Now your refrigerator is prepared for a whole new batch of leftovers.

Besides being close to the biggest food holiday of the year, Nov. 15 was also significant in the engineering field. In "1886, Robert Bosch established a 'Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering' in Stuttgart, Germany, laying the foundation for what has become a leading global supplier of technology and services" according to Bosch, a home appliance company focusing on efficient and modern design.

America Recycles Day

Now that you're in the cleaning mode and mood, clean out closets, junk drawers and magazine holders. On America Recycles Day make a concerted effort to start recycling regularly and to buy recycled when you can. Take the pledge here. Some things, like paper, glass and plastic are easier to recycle than others. Not sure where or how to recycle the rest? Check here:

  • Batteries: single use or rechargeable
  • CDs, DVDs: Check with your local library or GreenDisk
  • TVs (excluding projection), computers , printers (see full list): BestBuy
  • Wine corks: Recork

I Love to Write Day

I Love to Write Day comes smack dab in the middle of National Novel Writing Month. The holiday is not just for writers, though. "I Love To Write Day is an opportunity for people of all ages to write something: a poem, an essay, a letter to the editor, a short story, start a novel, finish a novel the possibilities are endless!" according to holiday creator and author John Riddle.

National Bundt Day

There's an annoying scene from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in which Toula's mother cannot understand the word or concept of a Bundt cake. Bundt cakes are baked in ring-shaped pans and are typically coated only in a glaze not in a thick layer of frosting. Ring-shaped cakes were traditionally baked in European kugelhopf molds according to Foodtimeline. H. David Dalquist of Nordic Ware created an economical aluminum version for a group of Minneapolis women who requested them.

A pound cake baked in the ringed pan was featured in Good Housekeeping Cookbook showed a pound cake that had been baked in one of them and the cake with a hole became popular in the U.S. in the 1960s. Pans from the Nordic Ware collection "document changes in how Americans prepared their foods in the second half of the 20th century as well as address themes of invention and entrepreneurship" and are housed in the Smithsonian Institution, Bake your own chocolate, dark cherry or almond pound cake to celebrate National Bundt Day.