Tuesday, November 8, 2011

106-year-old reveals junk food secret,

106-year-old reveals junk food secret, N.L. woman, 106, loves pizza and fries. When Newfoundland became part of Canada in 1949, Margaret Ellen Moores was already well into her 40s.

More than 60 years later, she's testing the limits of how far one can push past the century mark while enjoying a diet heavy on pizza and french fries.

Moores celebrated her 106th birthday on Saturday as well-wishers from her hometown of Rushoon, N.L. — about 275 kilometres west of St. John's — packed her home to enjoy the occasion.

She lives with her daughter, Marie Cheeseman, who said it's definitely not her mother's nutritional habits that have helped her get this far.
"Mom's diet hasn't got her living as long as she is because she never did eat healthy, to be quite honest," Cheeseman said.

Cheeseman said her mother, in her older years, has become a regular eater of pizza and french fries. Earlier in her life, it was more traditional Newfoundland fare, such as salt beef, pork and fish, that comprised her diet.

Moores also likes sweets and never drinks water, her daughter said. If thirsty, tea or juice are her beverages of choice.

On the other hand, Moores has never been a regular drinker of alcohol or a smoker, Cheeseman said.

So, what keeps her mother alive?

"Her courage and her faith in God," Cheeseman said. "She has tremendous faith after having tragedies in her life."

Cheeseman has lost all three of her sisters over the course of her life; one died as an infant, another in a car accident and a third of cancer.

Moores' husband, Arch, died about 20 years ago at the age of 90.

The 106-year-old woman has 14 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.

Due to physical difficulties, Cheeseman said it's been a few years since her mother attended church, but the devout Catholic usually watches mass on television twice a day. News and reruns of Little House on the Prairie are also among her viewing favourites.

Until a few years ago when vision problems got the better of her, Moores was also an avid reader.

Moores has lived in the small community of Rushoon all her life, except for a few years in her late teens when she worked as a house maid in St. John's.

Cheeseman said her mother is generally in good health. She is hard of hearing, and also needs some help around the house because of her balance. But Cheeseman said the only time her mother has been hospitalized was two years ago, when she was having some difficulties with dementia.

"She was only there for a night," Cheeseman said.

Aside from her mother's faith, Cheeseman said Moores' disposition likely also has helped her longevity.

"She always had a good sense of humour and always looked at the bright side of life at everything," Cheeseman said. "She has adapted to all the changes, which she has seen so many of. She is history. She's lived it." 106 woman pizza, 106 woman pizza fries, longevity gene 100-years-old,

The oldest person is Canada is believed to be Sum Ying Fung of Vancouver, who turned 112 in January.