Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dead Bodies Into Diamonds, Lifegem

Dead Bodies Into Diamonds, Lifegem
Dead Bodies Into Diamonds, Lifegem. Dead Bodies Turned Into LifeGems Memorial Diamonds,
People have been known to turn their beloved pets into stuffed creations that adorn their homes, forever looming as if they were a ghost. What if you could turned your loved one’s remains into something of value?

A company called LifeGem offers a solution, albeit a creepy one. Using the hair or ashes of a deceased friend or family member, the company creates a memorial diamond. The diamonds are made available in a wide variety of colors, cuts, and settings. Dead Bodies Into Diamonds, Lifegem

The company’s website boasts more than 3.3M satisfied customers. Perhaps that is more frightening than the initial fact that anyone would wear a piece of jewelry made from their dearly departed remains.