Friday, September 23, 2011

Teresa Giudice $3,333 episode

Teresa Giudice $3,333 episode, An insider suggested to that Teresa Giudice is feeling the effects and stress of her newfound “Housewives” fame. According to the insider, Teresa Giudice is tired of all of the media attention surrounding her finances, bankruptcy and the humiliation it is causing her and her family. This is what the insider told.


“If she wasn’t on the show, this all would be much easier.” “Everything would be settled by now, but because she is now famous everyone is using the situation to get press for themselves and humiliate her and her family,” the insider added. “It’s honestly got to the point where she’s not sure if she wants to come back for another season.”There are also reports that Teresa Giudice, as well as the other cast mates on the show, demanded a raise from Bravo. The ladies make about $3,333 per episode, but are requesting a significant pay increase, comparable to what the “Jersey Shore” cast makes, which is nearly $30,000 per episode. According to TMZ, Teresa wants a portion of DVD and merchandise sales, as well as the freedom to make more paid appearances. It is said that Teresa is prepared to walk away if her demands aren’t met.

Apparently, Teresa is not too thrilled with a portion of her Skinny Italian book deal. The New York Post reports that Bravo gets a 10 per cent royalty from the sales of Skinny Italian in exchange for promoting Teresa’s book on the show. Several scenes were filmed to help promote the book, but they never aired. However, the book was mentioned by Andy Cohen during The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show and Watch What Happens Live!

Source: todaycelebritiesnews