Sunday, September 25, 2011

Star wars change enrages fans

Star wars change enrages fans
Star wars change enrages fans. George Lucas is messing around with "Return of the Jedi," and fans are not happy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director has added audio to one Darth Vader scene for the movie's September Blu-ray release.

In the climatic scene where Darth Vader tosses the evil Emperor Palpatine to his death, Lucas now has him shout "No!" where before, Vader was silent.

The change reflects the end of "Revenge of the Sith," which is the most recent "Star Wars" film - the third chronologically.

After a rep for Lucasfilm confirmed the change to The New York Times (emailing "Yes -- Darth says NO."), outraged fans took to Twitter.

"Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof was among the annoyed. "I wonder if the [Lost] finale will be better appreciated if we have Vincent [the dog] shout "NOOOOOOOOO!" over the final shot," he tweeted.

Calling Vader's added audio a "clueless revision," actor Simon Pegg tweeted that he always "loved Vader's wordless self sacrifice."

The is just another injustice to die-hard fans, who've suffered through announcements of Lucas's other tweaks for the upcoming DVD set, including a CGI Yoda, blinking Ewoks and a shriek for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Actor-comedian Paul Scheer also expressed the nerd consensus: "If George Lucas continues to change Star Wars at this rate, in the year 2028 it will just become Spaceballs."

All six refreshed "Star Wars" films will be released on Blu-ray September 16.