Friday, September 23, 2011

Runaway scandals Famous Hoaxes

Bonnie Sweeten
Runaway scandals Famous Hoaxes, The fake kidnapping case of "Hoax mom" Bonnie Sweeten will continue in November, when she is scheduled to be sentenced. Turns out cases like hers aren't uncommon. We look back at some of the infamous cases. bonnie sweeten,
The 'kidnapping' details: She took her daughter, drained bank accounts and placed a 911 call claiming she had been kidnapped by two black men. bonnie sweeten kidnapped blames black men, 
The consequences: She was found with her daughter at a famous vacation destination and later claimed she was completely caught off guard with her husband's actions. What did he do? bonnie sweeten divorce husband, bonnie sweeten disney world,
Anthony E. Baldwin
Who: Anthony Baldwin of Toledo, Ohio, staged his own kidnapping to extort a big chunk of money from his parents. "anthony e. baldwin" faked abduction, anthony baldwin faked kidnapping extort $350,000, 

The 'kidnapping' details: To make the abduction look real, he killed his parents' dog. Baldwins' parents, the victims of the crime, refused to believe their son faked his abduction and maintained that Baldwin was kidnapped by his accomplice. Find out who they suspected. anthony baldwin faked kidnapping Venezuelan former employee, 

The consequences: Police found him slacking off, and he was later convicted and sentenced. Find out how long his prison sentence was. anthony baldwin faked kidnapping sentenced to 55 months in prison, anthony baldwin found sleeping in car, 
Mark Davis
Who: Mark Davis, author of the new book, "Rejection", staged his kidnapping. "mark davis" lynchburg writer fakes kidnapping, mark davis book "rejection", 

The 'kidnapping' details: He was so desperate to promote his book that he wrote notes to various publishers claiming that their children had been kidnapped. The plan mirrored the plot of Davis' novel – a disgruntled writer kidnaps a publisher's daughter in an effort to get his book to print.

The consequence: Davis was not charged with a crime.
Jasmine Fike
Who: Last month 15-year-old Jasmine Fike of Aurora, Colo., staged her abduction in order to run away from home, police say.

The 'kidnapping' details: Fike called 911 saying someone had been driving up and down her street and banging on the front door. The police and FBI issued a nationwide Amber Alert. jasmine fike's frantic 911 call, 

The consequences: Fike had accused a former 37-year-old boyfriend of apprehending her. Find out what happened to him. She was later found by police after having cut and dyed her hair. Where was she found? "jasmine fike" found outside fast-food restaurantm, "franky session" did not play a role with the kidnapping
Quinn Gray
Who: Quinn Gray of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., faked her abduction to extort a large sum of money from her husband. quinn gray fake kidnapping, quinn gray fake kidnapping extort $50,000, 

The 'kidnapping' details: The prosecution produced a 90-minute audio recording of physical intimacies between Gray and her accomplice, as well as discussions about their story and how much money to extort. For some time Gray's lawyers maintained she suffered from an undiagnosed mental disorder that caused her to appear to cooperate with her co-conspirator.

The consequences: Gray was found shopping and was sentenced. Find out her punishment. +quinn gray sentenced to seven years probation, quinn gray found in orange park mall,
Dar Heatherington
Who: Politician Dar Heatherington of Lethbridge, Alberta, staged her kidnapping and went missing from a conference in Montana while on city business.

The 'kidnapping' details: Heatherington told police she was being stalked. Officers tapped her phones and staked out her home but found no evidence of a stalker. Digital word processor files of some of the letters were later found on her computer.

The consequences: She was found in this major US city. Back in Lethbridge, she was convicted of criminal mischief for lying to investigators by writing fake and obscene stalker letters to herself. dar heatherington found in las vegas, 
Renata Michael
Who: London X-ray technician Renata Michael faked her abduction and claimed it was masterminded by a co-worker. "renata michael" faked kidnapping, renata michael radiographer, 

The 'kidnapping' details: Michael faked the kidnapping because she was jealous of a fellow technician talking to her ex-boyfriend. The "suspect" was arrested twice by the police before they realized the accusations were fabricated.

The consequences: How long was her prison sentence? radiographer renata michael faked kidnapping sentenced to 15 months, 
Michelle Guadalupe Solano
Who: Michelle Solano is accused of creating an extortion scheme targeting her ex-boyfriend. michelle guadalupe solano, 

The 'kidnapping' details: Last week a man in Illinois was blackmailed to keep Solano safe from a man he thought had kidnapped and shot her. He paid thousands of dollars to help her. Police later found the woman unharmed with, of all people, her husband, who police say masterminded the scheme. Both have been charged with extortion. paid $75,000 michelle guadalupe solano, solano found at Panera Brea having dinner, 
Wazineh Suleiman
Who: Mother-of-five Wazineh Suleiman disappeared in April, triggering a frantic search.

The 'kidnapping' details: Her husband, Abed Suleiman, had returned home unexpectedly and found his wife gone. He believed her to be kidnapped, saying they had a "perfect" marriage and that she never left home without telling him.

The consequences: But when local police finally contacted Wazineh, she said she was fine, with a friend, and didn't want her husband to know her location. Where did Suleiman say she was going? She is not facing criminal charges. rent movie at walmart wazineh suleiman, 
Tiffany Tehan
Who: When Ohioan Tiffany Tehan left home and was reported missing, friends and family said it was impossible that she'd voluntarily abandon her husband and 13-month-old daughter.

The 'kidnapping' details: But that was exactly what she had done, and her disappearance sparked a nationwide search involving the FBI and police in multiple states. She had run away with a new boyfriend.

The consequences: She was found on vacation with her boyfriend. Where were they? Tehan recently gave birth. Find out who is named the father on the child's birth certificate. "tiffany tehan" hotel in miami beach, tiffany tehan new baby estranged husband david tehan on birth certificate, 
Jennifer Wilbanks
Who: Bride-to-be Jennifer Wilbanks of Duluth, Ga., became a runaway bride when she went missing four days before her wedding, prompting a nationwide search.

The 'kidnapping' details: Three days later she called her fiance saying that she had been kidnapped and abused by a Hispanic man and white woman, but Wilbanks' story disintegrated during her interview with an FBI agent. jennifer wilbanks hispanic man caucasian woman, 

The consequences: She admitted she had run away and was sentenced. Find out what happened to her ex-fiance. John Mason marries, runaway bride jennifer wilbanks sentenced to probation community service