Monday, August 1, 2011

Stars who got their start on MTV

Stars who got their start on MTV
Stars who got their start on MTV. Thirty years ago today, MTV began broadcasting. Since then, it's played a major role in shaping popular culture. In honor of its 30th anniversary, let's take a look at some celebrities that got their start on the network.

Serena Altschul

Altschul became nationally famous when she worked at MTV News and has since worked for other news organizations.

Bill Bellamy

Bellamy has a famous cousin and was a popular figure on MTV as a host and presenter.

Adam Brody

Brody, who initially had a small role in a TV show, became one of the most sought-after actors in the world following his breakthrough on this TV show.

Hilarie Burton

Burton got her start on MTV and has since become well known for her role in a TV show.

Lauren Conrad

Conrad has used her fame to produce a fashion line and write a best-selling novel. She got her break in two MTV reality shows and is currently rumored to be working on a third.

Cindy Crawford

Crawford dropped out of college to pursue a modeling career. Her work as a supermodel gained her a show on MTV, which she hosted for six years.

Carson Daly

Daly will be forever remembered as the host of one of MTV's flagship programs.

Daisy Fuentes

Fuentes was the first Spanish-language host on MTV US and has used her fame to launch a range of products, including a Pilates-based videogame.

Tom Green

Green became famous on the underground circuit and for his public access cable-TV show before being noticed by MTV. After his brief marriage to a popular actress and his recovery from this disease, he returned to work on the network, during which time he had a famous bust-up with this band.

Chris Hardwick

Hardwick got his big break with MTV, after which he went on to host a variety of TV shows and podcasts about technology and gadgets.

Christina Hendricks

Hendricks, who was voted the world's sexiest woman by this magazine in 2010, became famous after appearing on MTV, and her curvaceous figure helped her land a role in a popular TV show.

Johnny Knoxville

Knoxville made it big on MTV after turning down another TV show. His success has led to starring roles in films.

Denis Leary

Leary was part of the alternative comedy scene in the early 1990s, which brought him to the attention of MTV. His rants about popular culture were shown on MTV and helped cement MTV's reputation among young viewers.

Bam Margera

Margera became famous after appearing in an iconic MTV show, which spawned shows featuring his family. He was also immortalized as a character in the "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2" videogame.

Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy made her name posing for a magazine, then went on to present a variety of shows for MTV.

Vanessa Minnillo

Minnillo, who recently married a musician, used MTV as a launchpad for her presenting career.

Chad Michael Murray

Murray was a recurring character in a TV show and is best known for his role in another show where he met his future wife, although he got his start on MTV.

Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne became famous as a foul-mouthed teen. She used her role as a launchpad for a singing career, as well as a fashion line and an autobiography.

Adam Sandler

Sandler, who formed his own production company, had a small part in a TV show before gaining widespread fame on MTV.

Alicia Silverstone

Silverstone became first known for her role in videos for a rock group. She starred in a breakout movie and later a TV series. In 1996 she was named MTV's Most Desirable Female.

Jon Stewart

Stewart is famous for hosting an award-winning show, but he may have never been noticed if it wasn't for his work on MTV.

Ben Stiller

Stiller showcased his talent on MTV, after which he went on to become one of Hollywood's highest-earning movie stars.