Friday, August 5, 2011

Shane Warne diet shake

Shane Warne diet shake
Shane Warne diet shake. Shane Warne is addicted to diet shake, says footie supplier Steven Baker.

Spin king Shane Warne, who recently revealed he lost more than 12kg in four months, had claimed that it was not his girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley but a fitness scheme of his own that helped him achieve the feat.

Now the cat is out of the bag - the secret behind his dramatic weight loss is a diet shake that is shipped to the Australian cricketer by St Kilda footballer Steven Baker.

Baker said that Warne couldn't get enough of the organic weight loss drink, TaiSlim, since he convinced him to try it.

"I signed him up about three or four months ago on the diet system," the quoted Baker as telling Herald Sun.

"He loves the stuff, he's addicted," he added.

Baker also said that he had even shipped the supplement to India for Warne's final season with the Indian Premier League.

Source: yahoo