Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Romantic Trip

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Romantic Trip. The loving touch: Jennifer Aniston places her hands on Justin Theroux as the couple enjoy a shopping trip in Kauai, Hawaii
It's often been said that Jennifer Aniston is more than a little keen to find herself a partner.

So it's unsurprising to see her immersing herself in her blossoming new relationship with aplomb. The 42-year-old actress is currently in Kauai, Hawaii with her beau Justin Theroux and she appears to be infatuated with her new man - placing a loving pair of hands on his shoulders as they went on a shopping trip together.
So happy together: The actress and her beau obviously found something amusing as they strolled along in the Hawaiian sun
Love at last?: Has Jennifer finally got herself into a lifelong relationship?

Jennifer's apparent desperation for a man has been well documented, although never actually substantiated.

One thing's for sure, with her biological clock ticking and several failed relationships behind her, she's certainly enjoying her love life at present.

Last night the couple got their glad rags on to attend the birthday party of Ben Stiller's wife Christine Taylor.

The romantic couple walked hand in hand through a field lit with tiki torches where they were greeted by the birthday girl herself, celebrating turning 40 on July 30.
Party time: Jennifer and Justin attend the birthday party of Ben Stiller's wife Christine Taylor in Hawaii last night
Old friends: Jennifer and Christine have been friends for years after Christine appeared in an early episode of Friends and Jennifer later starred with Stiller in Along Came Polly
Deep in conversation: After the greeting the group stood around and chatted for a short while
Welcome: The couple are greeted by the hostess and birthday girl Christine herself
On vacation: Earlier in the day Ben Stiller was spotted paddle boarding with his son
Relaxing: Christine meanwhile spend some time aboard a canoe boat with some friends

source: dailymail