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Famous left-handed people

Famous left-handed people
Famous left-handed people international left-handers day 2011
Aug. 13 marks the 35th annual International Left-Handers Day, when lefties around the world embrace their specialness in a (mostly) right-handed world. As it turns out, there are a lot of famous southpaws to join the celebration.
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Power forward #1 Miami Heat An NBA forward Chris Bosh
The details: The NBA forward became one-third of the Miami Heat's "Big 3" when he was traded from a Canadian team in 2010.

His lavish wedding
He and his petite bride's over-the-top reception included a specially built pool, custom-created essential oils and a celeb-filled guest list.

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A Republican president, 41st President of the United States, President George h.w. Bush
The details: The New England-born politician became the nation's 41st president after serving two terms as vice president under a former California governor.

Post-presidency life
He took up a daredevil hobby to celebrate some milestone birthdays.

He teamed up with a fellow former president to raise money for disaster-relief efforts around the world.
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Czech American tennis player, A legendary tennis player, Martina Navratilova
The details: The Czech-born player achieved the Career Grand Slam in singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.

Life since retirement
The nine-time Wimbledon champ was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.

She was hospitalized late last year after attempting to climb Africa's highest peak.
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42nd President of the United States, A Democratic president, President Bill Clinton
The details: The 42nd president  served two full terms despite being impeached for lying about his affair with a White House intern.

He offered a constitutional solution for the debt ceiling debate.

He serves as a United Nations special envoy to a disaster-stricken Caribbean island country. Watch video of his visits.
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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young, A Hall of Fame quarterback, Steve Young
The details: The Brigham Young University alum and seven-time Pro Bowler is known for leading the San Francisco 49ers to three Super Bowl victories, but began his career in the short-lived United States Football League.

Career highlights
His earned the MVP award with his record six touchdown passes in Super Bowl XXIX.

He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005.
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All Star outfielder #32 Texas Rangers, An MLB All-Star, Josh Hamilton
The details: This former No. 1 draft pick and current Texas Ranger struggled with drug addiction for several years before helping his team get to the World Series.

Since his comeback
This power hitter broke the single-round record at the 2008 Home Run Derby. Watch his historic night.

He dealt with another tragedy when a fan died trying to catch a ball the left-fielder had tossed him.
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A pop superstar, Meat dress, Lady Gaga
The details: The piano-playing boundary pusher has paired up with a flamboyant music icon, an R&B diva and a late saxophone legend since releasing her debut album in 2008.

Her outlandish looks
She accepted an MTV Video Music Award from another musical fashion icon wearing a dress made entirely of an unusual material.

She has a penchant for outrageous high-heeled shoes and has been caught stumbling by the paparazzi.
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An All-Star pitcher, 'The Big Unit', +Randy Johnson
The details: The 6-foot-10-inch pitcher began his major-league career in 1988 and ended it 10 All-Star appearances later in 2009.

Career highlights
He achieved the pinnacle of every pitcher's career -- the perfect game -- at the age of 40. Watch the video.

He became only the sixth lefty to reach this Major League milestone.
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An Oscar-winning actress, "The Tourist" movie Angelina Jolie,
The details: This full-lipped thespian first gained attention onscreen as a drug-addicted supermodel and went on to win the Oscar for this movie. But her latest (non-animated) movie with Johnny Depp was a box-office bomb.

Her personal life
The tabloid favorite was previously married to her British co-star and a fellow Oscar winner before pairing up with her current superstar partner.

The former "wild child" travels around the world as a United Nations goodwill ambassador.
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A professional golfer, Three-time Masters winner "Lefty" Phil Mickelson
The details: This popular PGA Championship winner and three-time Masters champ, nicknamed "Lefty," employs a left-handed swing despite being right-handed.

Second-place finishes
His double bogey on the 18th hole lost him the 2006 U.S. Open.

Despite a strong front nine on the last day, he tied for second in the 2011 British Open.
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A history-making president, 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama
The details: He is the first president to be born in this island state and was a U.S. senator from a Midwestern state before he became the 44th president.

First-term highlights

His historic inauguration reportedly drew the biggest crowd ever to the National Mall.

He signed the health care reform bill on March 23, 2010.
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A Grand Slam winner, Armani underwear model Nadal, Rafael Nadal
The details: This 25-year-old tennis player, nicknamed "the King of Clay," already has 10 Grand Slam titles under his belt.

Career highlights
His nearly five-hour Wimbledon finals match against his longtime rival is considered one of the best in tennis history.

He became the second male singles player to achieve the Career Golden Slam with his 2010 U.S. Open victory.
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A talk-show queen, O magazine and OWN, Oprah Winfrey
The details: She was born into poverty in small-town Mississippi but later became one of the most powerful figures in media with her own talk show, production company, magazine and even a cable channel. She boasts famous friends around the world, including U2 frontman, Bono.

Post-show plans
She's taking on a bigger role at her cable network, which has struggled in the ratings.

She plans to return to TV next year with a new series after ending her talk show after 25 seasons.
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A music legend, Greatest composer of the millennium BBC News, Paul Mccartney
The details: This famous singer, songwriter and bass player began his career in the 1960s as one-quarter of arguably the most famous rock quartet in the world, formed his own band and went on to a hugely successful solo career. In 1999, he was voted "greatest composer of the millennium" by BBC News.

His personal life
He was married to a photographer, musician and animal rights activist from 1969 until her death in 1998.

After surviving a contentious divorce from his second wife, the 69-year-old is getting ready to tie the knot a third time.
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An NFL quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick
The details: In 2005, this NFL quarterback was set to be the highest-paid player in history with his 10-year contract extension with the Atlanta Falcons. Two years later, things went south for the man whose nickname is ironically is tattooed on his right hand, when he pleaded guilty to charges related to dogfighting and was ordered to reimburse the team.

Other contract details
He now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

He re-signed an athletic endorsement deal with a famous athletic wear company.
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