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Famous celebrity rants

Famous celebrity rants

Famous Celebrity Rants. There were lots of issues on which the famous celebrity showed their angry rants. Famous celebrities loose their temper and gets violent and talk in a wild or vehement way. Like the very recent news is about former vice president of U.S., Al Gore, and rival race car drivers Jimmie Johnson Kurt Busch, as coming into headlines due to their angry rants. These two are very recent incidents occured just in this past week. But these folks also joined a lengthy list of famous folks who've been recorded saying some infamously not-so-nice things.

Al Gore

Al Gore vice president- Albert Arnold " Al" Gore, Jr. served as the 45th Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001, under President Bill Clinton.  grabbed headlines for his angry rant against companies that hire researchers. He called them the pseudo-scientists and he questions about their caliber as they have to conduct studies that cast doubts on global-warming theories.

Kanye West

The rant-prone rapper unleashed his latest diatribe, kanye west rant the big chill, at a music festival in England, big chill festival, stirring controversy when he compared himself to a murderous dictator ,kanye west compares himself to hitler,. He's made news for his outbursts before. At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, he crashed the stage ,kanye west 2009 video music awards, while a country star,Taylor Swift, accepted an award.He also took to his blog to rant about a popular social network ,kanye west twitter rant,.
Kanye west rant the big chill

Russell Crowe

This Oscar-winning ,Gladiator, hothead proved that you can squeeze plenty of vitriol into 140 characters in a Twitter tirade denouncing a common medical procedure ,circumcision, as "barbaric and stupid."
Russell crowe circumcision. Hollywood star Russell Crowe has used his Twitter account to explain how he believes God has made all babies perfect, and that he believes circumcision to be “barbaric and stupid.”

Tracy Morgan

The "30 Rock" star issued a quick apology ,Tracy Morgan apology, for homophobic comments ,Tracy Morgan homophobic rant, he made during a stand-up show. Find out what two of his co-stars ,Tina Fey Alec Baldwin Tracy Morgan, had to say about it.

Charlie Sheen

Where, oh where, to begin? This famous bad boy unleashed a virtually nonstop stream of rants ,Charlie Sheen rants, for weeks while his hit sitcom ,Two and a Half Men, was put on hold (he was later fired). He had so much to say that he went on tour ,Charlie Sheen Torpedo of Truth tour,
Charlie Sheen rant

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has taken heat for racist ,Mel Gibson racists rant, and anti-Semitic ,Mel Gibson anti-Semitic rant, rants, and was accused of making threats ,mel gibson threats, against his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, who's the mother of his toddler daughter ,Oksana Grigorieva baby girl, william morris drops mel gibson.

Patty LuPone

This Broadway, big-screen and TV actress has unleashed showstopping tirades ,Patti LuPone show stopping rants, when she spots audience members breaking certain unwritten rules ,Patti LuPone audience texting taking pictures, during live performances.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale used a morning radio show ,kevin and bean, to apologize ,christian bale apologizes for outburst, for his profanity-laden tirade on the set of this movie ,Terminator Salvation.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin was caught calling his then-11-year-old daughter an unflattering name ,alec baldwin + rude little pig, in a voice-mail message. He later wrote about the incident in his book ,alec baldwin "a promise to ourselves", on divorce and custody battles.
Alec baldwin voicemail rant

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is usually known for being a sweet person, but when she thought one contestant on "America's Next Top Model" ,America’s Next Top Model, wasn't taking the opportunity seriously, she lost it ,Tyra screams at model. 
Tyra Banks talk show

Dennis Green

Former Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Dennis Green's angry rant ,dennis green rant, was turned into a commercial when his players were beaten by this rival team ,chicago bears.

Howard Dean

Some blamed Howard Dean's infamous outburst at a campaign event for his failed 2004 presidential bid ,Howard Dean presidential bid.+howard dean msnbc. 

Patrick Kennedy

Former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island yelled at the media ,patrick kennedy rant, for covering this congressional scandal ,+eric massa groping, more than the war in Afghanistan. Ted kennedy.


Sure, it's fictional, but an iconic scene from the 1976 film "Network",Run time: 2 hrs 01 min · Year: 1976, won this actor ,peter finch, a posthumous Oscar and is considered one of the best movie quotes of all time ,AFI 100 Years 100 Movie Quotes.

Casey Kasem

The legendary radio personality ,casey kasem radio hall of fame, sure didn’t sound like his mild-mannered self when he went off on a foul-mouth rant ,casey kasem profane rant, about up-tempo music that played after his on-air dedication to a dog that had died. If only his mic hadn't recorded his tirade for all the world to hear.
Casey Kasem final broadcast