Saturday, April 23, 2011

Movie curses

Movie curses
Spooky movie 'curses'
The scary-looking "Apollo 18" movie takes on an urban legend surrounding the canceled lunar mission. From untimely deaths to unexplained events, we found other movies with spooky curses, connections and rumors.

In the case of "Poltergeist," the "curse" points to the untimely deaths of two of its stars.
'The Dark Knight'
The Batman sequel "The Dark Knight" saw its share of troubles both during and after filming.
'The Exorcist'
"The Exorcist" was plagued by so many problems that priests were asked to bless the set.
Some believe the never-produced screenplay is cursed because several actors died after reading the script.
Many people associated with the Superman films have seen their share of bad luck.
'The Crow'
The 1994 film "The Crow" is known for the on-set death of its star, but that wasn't the only accident during the shoot.
'The Omen'
The 1976 movie about the devil's son has been accused of being cursed since its release.
'Rebel Without a Cause'
Rumors of a curse on the James Dean classic persisted after the untimely deaths of its three young stars.
'The Misfits'
The trouble-plagued 1961 movie "The Misfits" offered up the last major film roles for its three stars.