Saturday, April 23, 2011

Miranda Kerr’s Jaw-Dropping Figure

Miranda Kerr’s Jaw-Dropping Figure
Miranda's Blooming! Kerr shows off her jaw-dropping curves in plunging dress
She only gave birth three months ago, but Miranda Kerr’s jaw-dropping figure grabbed more attention than her husband’s film during its premiere last night.
The Victoria’s Secret model accompanied Orlando Bloom to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City for the premiere of The Good Doctor.
But instead of Orlando impressing with his acting skills, Miranda stole the limelight in a low-cut black dress, which put her assets on full display.

She might have lost every inch gained around her waist during pregnancy, but the Australian model seems to have kept some extra weight higher up.
But being a lingerie model, Miranda is no stranger to the best underwear in the business to make the most of her new-found curves.
And the sides of her black bra were seen beneath the plunging black dress, which was no doubt a purchase from Victoria's Secret.
And by the looks of her svelte physique, it’s no wonder that she’s already jumped back into work so soon, braving bikini shoots for the lingerie company after what she described as ‘a long, arduous and difficult labour’.
The 28-year-old gave birth to Flynn Christopher Bloom on January 6, less than six months after she wed Orlando in a secret ceremony.
She told People magazine: ‘I gave birth to him naturally, without any pain medication and it was long, arduous and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it. I could not have done it without him.’
The Pirates of the Caribbean star had taken his wife along to the film festival and after-party, hosted by Stolichnaya Vodka at The W Hotel.
The 34-year-old British actor stars as Dr Martin Ploeck in his new film, which sees his character spend his life looking for respect.
Dr Ploeck meets an 18-year-old patient named Diane, suffering from a kidney infection, and gets a much-needed boost of self-esteem.
But when her health starts improving, the doctor fears losing her, so begins tampering with her treatment, keeping the patient sick and in the hospital right next to him.
The thriller was just one of the many films released at the festival, which has also seen Puncture and The Big Bang Club screened this week.